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when was the last time you whipped out your iPod and fired up your favorite IOSYS album?

today I was listening to What About Progress? while out running and as I passed by this house a little blonde girl in the driveway asked my name so I told her my name and she was like I'm Sam so I replied nice to meet you Sam but as I ran away she shouted after me that her real name was Angel so I laughed and shouted back see ya Angel and as the distance increased between us she yelled something unintelligible


Went for a walk but my headphones weren't working so I have them in my charger case now it was raining earlier so it was kinda wet out


oh nice idea you have to be careful about getting them wet


There supposed to be water resistant so i think they would have been fine


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that happened with my expensive bluetooth sports headphones they were supposed to be water resistant but then when I ran outside in winter with a hat the sweat would get onto them I think through the noise cancelling port


mine are just little bluetooth earbuds


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sick have a cold but getting better so I ran 8 km outside at sunset. IOSYS didn't come on until the end of my run.


have you heard the acoustic cover of boku no friend i really like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq17UNVtR4U


no I had always listened to the tv version I liked remembering watching the ED seeing the ghosts of the Friends fading in the background of the park and thinking about the impermanence of life but I just listened to the acoustic version and I really hearing her voice like that her passion comes through


I told myself this was gonna be a take it easy run day but then Marisa Stole the Precious thing came on and I had to speed up for a bit


hurt my feet so i havent been able to anirun the past week


hope you feel better



i dont like how close the camera is to her face or how shes staring at the camera it makes me uncomfortable maybe i would like this more if it wasn't a music video and just a image


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today I ran 13 km before sunset and the highlight of the run was probably •-•• — •••- • from Shibayan Records

but it also felt epic when I came down the final descent on the hill to the river and played Mystic Oriental Dream because there are these stairs at the base of the hill that go up to the bridge and right in front of the stairs there was this fountain with pink colored lights illuminating it so I felt like I was really running through cherry blossoms


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I ran 13 km again today and it was 31 C out and sunny so I started to feel tired but as I got closer to the park Great Vengeance came on and it's a fun song so I had more energy that carried me through until I reached the forest


I can barely run 300m…


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join the ota running club and you'll improve that in no time!


what are you running from your past? lol


listened to deco*27 remixes on my jog today i really liked how this one has her saying she wont despair



yeah that feels inspirational


did a shorter run today just 7 km it's 33 C outside and sunny

so when I exited the forest onto the hot road Sweet Escape by You'll Melt More started playing and I felt it was appropriate because it has this driving beat kind of like a train on the tracks and at the end of the song they start rhythmically panting breathing


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