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Good afternoon, I would like to ask you some questions. Do you know Jesus? If you died today, would you go to heaven?


No. Unless you'll allow me to rub my dick between your tits you can go fuck you "Jesus" and get the fuck out of my sight.


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her nose looks misplaced. but yeah i know jesus and hope i go to heaven


this cute Chinese girl knocked on my door when I was moving in thought she was a neighbor welcoming me to the neighborhood but she was a proselytizer told her to go away


I need to read through my bible before I kill myself


Suicide is a sin


you should have joined the chinese christian church


He could've gotten a cute Chinese wife or girlfriend


When I go to the Chinese restaurant the girl doesn't make eye contact and can barely mumble a thank you but she seemed to do fine with the other customers. When I came inside last time she looked at me and ran away and I had to stand there for a few minutes until her mom showed up and when I left I gave her the money and turned around and saw her mom watching us does she like me and is going doki doki or is she merely scared of me because I look weird how can I have sex with a dorky looking chink girl.

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