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No. 523135

For anyone afraid to come back to /what/ because of spam earlier today, I've done something so it won't happen again

I'm really sorry - whatmin


rip /what/


Your site has been nothing but spam for literal years, retard.


You actually think anyone here cares?


File: 1612335427255.png (386.67 KB, 679x571, __popola_and_devola_nier_a….png)

Well, I've shut it down for good.

I'll be posting here more from now.

I'm really sad and it upsets me that some people might not even be able to view ota even through tor, but I couldn't take hosting the site anymore it's caused me a lot of stress.

I hope my friends from /what/ can meet again here, or somewhere… Honestly having a mental breakdown right now.


File: 1612335945675.jpg (1.15 MB, 1173x1200, 84228853_p0_master1200.jpg)

I've hosted /what/ for nearly 8 years.

There was still many people who posted on it almost daily.

Including friendly people, not just that one guy you talk about.

It's feels like a piece of my soul is dying, and who knows when ota is next?

It makes me feel so lonely, and sad for the people who have posted there for years, and also the people who left long ago.


What kind of stress?


File: 1612336443989.jpg (64.07 KB, 850x638, 1611867047824.jpg)

You are my friend.

Everyone hates you and this is going to be the first time I'm going to defend you publicly.

Yes you spam too much, way too much, but you had good posts sometimes and I was fine with sitting there and babysitting to delete, honestly, your funposts.

My eyes hurt from how bad it feels like I need to cry.


File: 1612336452227.jpg (449.63 KB, 1366x1536, 1610887041592.jpg)

i post there every day
you need to bring it back
cant hang out with my /what/frens on ota


Crying. I liked you whatmin. Don't let bullies get to you.


File: 1612337090148.jpg (646.24 KB, 1512x1072, ‎.jpg)


I don't even think that board was a jp spinoff, I feel sorry for you but why post this here.


File: 1612338205282.jpg (128.83 KB, 562x811, Tomoko_kuroki_004.jpg)

I've posted on ota since day 1, and created /what/ as an alternative to ota when I was very immature and young.

That was nearly 8 years ago. I took care of that board every single day for nearly 8 years, ota is the biggest overlap with /what/ there is.

I wish there was webm/mp4 support, and that the no-3D rule was more relaxed, and that there wasn't so many bans.

I don't know how otamin feels, and never have. He's never been one to talk openly ever. He might be down the last straw on hosting ota too, who knows? I never liked walking on eggshells.

I feel empty, hollow, alone.


But the no-3d rule is more relaxed now. If anything I think it's balanced quite well.


bring it back


/what/ is ded this year for sure ;_;


ugh… gb2 pissu


File: 1612341304813.jpg (43.26 KB, 500x500, 1612134573108.jpg)

> ultimately killed your site and the nice, friendly community around it.
He didn't kill it though. People moved on no matter how /what/ was run.

/what/ was the best it's ever been in this past year or two IMO.

It's making me realize, that I really have nowhere else to go to post, for example, that clip from a Japanese movie with the girl flipping off another girl as she passed by.

There is a void in my soul. An extreme feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

Ota, kissu, gnfos, mero, kakashi, none of these fill that void for me.


bring it back


I think you should consider bringing it back for a week or two so people can talk to each other and figure out a way to keep in touch. If you're worried about cp spam disable images during this time. The few good people left on /what/ deserve at least this much.


>He didn't kill it though. People moved on no matter how /what/ was run.

How can you even say that? I don't know if you still have the relevant parts because your hard drive died, but literally go check the state of the site during 2017-18, you can just check for how long the blog threads lasted (they lasted on average for a month) and compare how different the atmosphere used to be, and how people rapidly left because you just let him spam for literal pages worth of threads straight( you didn't even bother deleting his spam like you do now) and how the site basically turned into his personal shitting ground.

I am not saying that people don't leave at all on their own, but to think they the vast majority didn't stop posting because the site was being constantly spammed by someone as vapid and unlikable as him, is just bizarre.

>/what/ was the best it's ever been in this past year or two IMO.

Both quality wise and speed wise this is objectively untrue.


File: 1612343136757.png (1.72 MB, 1024x725, 531864.8850000463_15914067….png)

> you can just check for how long the blog threads lasted (they lasted on average for a month)
People not using the blog threads as much was a positive thing about the site.

The blog threads were at times, the entire imageboard, and then there was everything else outside of it.

I am incredibly sorry to the posters still there. I know some might feel the same level of emptiness and loneliness I feel.

I hope they can find a way to post here or on another board like kissu.

I am also open to the idea of handing /what/ over to someone else to host, but I doubt I'd find someone capable enough and that I trust/like enough.

If any of you'd like to privately contact me, here is my Steam account. https://steamcommunity.com/id/HXeWA9JpCOaEaIqdjtcCR-5zkZDXYI3i/


Why do you act like this? Do you enjoy being hated by everyone?


>People not using the blog threads as much was a positive thing about the site.

It's not that people stopped using the blog threads and started posting outside, it's that they stopped using the site at all and the site increasingly turned into just spam.

Everything outside the blog threads was either mostly dani spam (which I personally didn't even mind) and then it just schizospam, maybe someone else would've made more threads if they weren't immediately drowned in garbage, ever thought of that? I just don't understand you whatmin.


I am happy to see you on your same spiel even now.

I have the same feeling I had when my dog died. Memories of the good times and the people really hurt.


uh, you're not supposed to talk about d**i


Keep denying reality. It won't exempt you from the fact you're directly responsible for your sites demise. And it's really bitterly ironic you should mention feelings of hurt, emptiness and loneliness, it's exactly what lot of people must've felt when you've thrown the entire site under the bus because of your retarded principles and it's what they felt long before you physically shut down the site.


Not bad enough for him to shut down the shithole he needs to bring his schizo to fuck up ota


Listen, ESL, did you yourself even contribute to the quality of the board or the only thing you can do is meta shit talk the admins?


Not him, but I tried hard to "be the change you want to see" but it still fell apart and I agree with angry meta guy for the most part.


You can't out-good post spam and zero effort garbage, this is especially true for insular and slow communities. Barring admin intervention the most prolific posters are always what shapes a site and its atmosphere, and if the end result is shit, people leave.

The same kind of thing basically happened to ota too, there were just different freaks. It's very frustrating and sad.


If whatmin actually thinks /what/ was at its best in the past year, then maybe this is for the best. No point in running a site when what you want is the opposite of what your userbase wants.


I'm not even one of the gay ERPers, but maybe I should have pretended to be if it makes you so asshurt.


sigh whatmin just had to bring the schizomutt here with him


There's fucking CP on the front page of /ota/. Get it together, otamin.


Really glad all of you people are on ota now, you really bring so much to the board.


File: 1612375893521.jpg (1.12 MB, 2561x1600, image.jpg)

There was three people who made threads/posts worth deleting last night/this morning.

And 2/3 of them had no relation to /what/ at all.

I've offered to be a janitor. I'm sorry for what you deal with otamin, it makes me physically sick,thinking about posters going about their day and refreshing their favorite imageboard and seeing that.


don't make this guy janny make me janny


Yeah but your buttbuddy made like 15 deleted posts in this thread alone. Maybe now that you shut down your site you can free yourself of Stockholm syndrome.


File: 1612376435271.jpg (33.06 KB, 720x720, 139338393_4046803058698153….jpg)

/what/ poster here, I fuckinf hate ota and won't post here.


File: 1612379028153.png (343.54 KB, 1024x1024, 1494339897704.png)

upload test-php somewhere at least


There is no point talking to whatmin the guy is honestly Chris Chan levels retarded.
Both can't accept reality
A failed tranny
Pretends to be sorry for attention
Minimal self awareness
I could go on and on about how him and ol Chris are alike.


So what? This is /ota/. There is a little bit of Chris Chan in all of us here.


Uh no maybe for you and that's honestly sad but not everyone here.


I forgot /what/


all those sad gay cums lost to time


nya nya meow


File: 1612386375228.png (106.46 KB, 711x333, Screenshot 2021-02-03 1306….png)



File: 1612387231658.jpg (85.2 KB, 424x600, __seki_hiromi_idolmaster_a….jpg)

>You can't report that many posts at once…


Whatmin: baw my site is too stressful to run I can't take the stress and drama
Also whatmin: hey guys give me attention here! While I post about what's stressing me out on a board that mostly doesn't like me! Also my schizo friends that stress me out and ruined my board? Yeah I invited tthem here I am an incomparable homo Please stick it in me


How can you like that guy, whatmin?He is literally posting about killing people.


File: 1612394229901.jpg (183.93 KB, 850x1061, __popola_and_devola_nier_a….jpg)


Because I've dealt with his posts for years now and developed a relationship with him where he toned down a little.

I usually still had to delete stuff everyday, and swap between range banning him (he has a lot of VPN address ranges, my range ban code block in my lighttpd config for him is large and still not enough).

A broken clock is still right twice a day, and he occasionally created good threads that people enjoyed, including people who hate him, without knowing he was the OP.


Here you go, this is everything needed to display test-php as a webpage.


And otamin when you range ban people/tor, pls just ban them from accessing /post.php

Not the entire webserver. There's no reason they shouldn't be allowed to look at ota.


>Because I've dealt with his posts for years now and developed a relationship with him

Yeah, it's called stockholm syndrome. You're genuinely mentally ill. It explains so much.

Otamin certainly shouldn't take moderating advice from someone that murdered his own site by being a shit admin.


>he occasionally created good threads that people enjoyed, including people who hate him, without knowing he was the OP.
Or maybe people just didn't want to call him out and provoke him into shitting up the board even more, on the rare occasion that he made an okay thread.


Take the hint and leave already like god damn.


He is beyond any classification of mentally ill can we please ignore him now he doesn't deserve the attention. It's only going to shit up ota more.


Whatmin, make a Persona thread


File: 1612397006010.jpg (37.48 KB, 405x599, 1611869706937.jpg)

You're on that middle-school tier peer pressure and group think shit.

Grow up.


How can you shit up what is already shit.


Says the manchild that Iives with his mother still and needed her to talk for you when dealing with the police. Want to talking about being a grown? How about you start with saging your posts while you're a guest here so not everyone needs to see your moronic posts. I hope the next "break down" is enough for you to neck yourself.
I'm not going to humor your sorry anymore now, get fucked.


File: 1612397714144.png (1.45 MB, 1200x761, 1612126469461.png)

I will when I continue playing through P4G again, with screenshots and stuff.


They don't want you to see this thread.


File: 1612400892556.jpg (63.51 KB, 499x499, tumblrmado2.jpg)

Ty, I wasn't going to do it myself but it's obvious this guy spam bumps a bunch of threads to Slide - Goo Goo Dolls

fucking auto correct no I didn't mean that slide


Go open a discord tranny faggots.


File: 1612401904499.jpg (938.15 KB, 762x1200, 84393064_p0_master1200.jpg)

Woah woah woah, you're TERF?

I remember what happened to the last TERF here.


you killed your site and now you're shitting up ota with your attention whoring, literally kill yourself you piece of shit


Fuck off.


File: 1612404092460.jpg (696.55 KB, 1005x1420, 1364701352784.jpg)

glad otamin isnt an drama llama like this loser


Don't post anymore.



Why are you so angery?


wow this whatmin guy isnt well liked here if only there was a way for him to make a place where him and the few that like him could talk a site maybe? could name it gtfo Gay Trannies from Outerspace I am an incomparable homo


File: 1612410121374.jpg (550.58 KB, 1440x1440, 1611697558227.jpg)

It's actually just you, and someone else already called out your obvious samefagging.


I still can't tell if you're trying to ruin ota by bringing your pals over here or not.


He's in full cope mode now I am an incomparable homo Please stick it in me







The bros.


I heard that Earth is like 4 billions years old can you believe it?


Imagine being this arrogant that you're completely convinced that there's no possible way people would dislike you.


If someone is posting in a thread you don't like, simply ignore that thread.


In order for something to be projection you to present a tenable point of reference prove it you can't just yell like the fat retarded kid at the back of the school short bus.
Oh yeah I'll just post in one of the 100s of schizo threads that waste of oxygen brought here. Fucking idiot.


That guy is liked by whatmin at least. However it's pretty much clear nobody likes your gay bitching.


You are aware it's been multi people telling whatmin to go away right? Or is your mind that ADHD?


I went through the same thing once, whatmin. I was "friends" with a certain /jp/ tripfag who was a piece of shit 90% of the time, but he was nice to me 10% of the time so I felt like I was changing him into a better person, but I really wasn't. People like him don't change, whatmin. He doesn't deserve any of your attention.


die enabler


Why can't any of the other admins hold a candle to the Basedmin? What is it about him that commands respect?


whatmin managed to net more hate from his one shutdown then Travor managed in his hundreds truly the cyberpunk 2077 of admins


ok joke's over time to bring the site back


Gaia I am an incomparable homo Please forgive my rudeness Please stick it in me


File: 1612498171158.png (32 KB, 291x201, Screenshot 2021-02-04 2008….png)



This, bring your site back and go the fuck back there, ratmen.



recently I clicked through a bunch of spinoffs to check out what was going on and even made a few posts but I never visited /what/ I totally forgot that /what/ existed


File: 1612501807429.jpg (264.24 KB, 1440x1828, 1612020038674.jpg)

To be honest, you didn't make the hosting easy on yourself either.
For those that weren't /what/posters
1. The imageboard ran on whatmins personal computer. That's dumb.
2. It wasn't isolated in a vm or anything, it just ran in the background. Ofc when his system broke, what went down. That's double dumb.
3. Had no mods/jannies whatnot. It was just whatmin himself. That's the third dumb.
Ppl even offered to help with the spam but he never took it. Ofc you tire yourself out like that
Maybe try next time better.


Hotpockets never solved anything go back to kissu for thinking you need them.


can someone plz explain the hotpocket meme to me why does janny like hotpucks & where did it come from


File: 1612504511607.jpg (430.25 KB, 1680x1050, 1609608646745.jpg)

>1. The imageboard ran on whatmins personal computer. That's dumb.
Never had a problem with this, maintained almost 24/7 uptime for years.

If I had to go back and do it again, I would still host it on my own Linux PC and a FreeDNS domain. Costs $0 and I have no limitations on anything.

>2. It wasn't isolated in a vm or anything, it just ran in the background. Ofc when his system broke, what went down. That's double dumb.

The only problem with this was PHP updates to be honest.

The PHP developers are demons and break compatibility with older PHP code every single update. There's been websites that literally die over this.

If otamin's server ever upgraded PHP (I think he's on 5.x) then ota would completely break.

Good thing I think it's a VPS where he installed Debian himself and literally has never updated it :–)

PHP 8 did just release, and I haven't tested it but I'm sure it breaks vichan. If it got too hard to maintain older PHP builds myself, /what/ would've ended up hosted inside a VM or a raspberry-pi-type computer.

>3. Had no mods/jannies whatnot. It was just whatmin himself. That's the third dumb.

Ppl even offered to help with the spam but he never took it. Ofc you tire yourself out like that
Maybe try next time better.
I don't think there was anyone I could trust to do that. I don't think it would've made much of a difference for me either.


I want to see the other picture you deleted before I could click


it's unhealthy but convenient and cheap so lazy fatasses like to eat it


File: 1612508984727.png (1.07 MB, 1024x768, c7c25dd014a5b32f3c59c55209….png)



See how he runs
Like Sudo from to a hot pocket
See how he funposts
Hes crying

Sitting on his fatass
Waiting for the rope to come down
Weaboo tee shirt
Stupid bloody excuses
Man, he's been a shitty admin
You let your neckbread grow long

He is the ratman (Ooh)
They are the schizos, (Ooh)
I am the otaman
Goo goo g' joob


rip. I liked /what/


it's so sad how the last collective memory of /what/ will be how it was just that bad schizo spam place when it wasn't like that always and it used to be so nice and people like birthday anon used to make threads when someone had a birthday and it's so frustrating when whatmin talks about how he's sad how people won't have a place to post anymore when that isn't true at all and he didn't care at all about all the nice whatfriends that left long before he shut down the site because of spam and he will tell you they would've left anyway but that's blatantly not true either

but it's his site and he says /what/'s the best it ever was in the last two years so I guess he didn't like how old/what/ used to be


otamin got rid of the schitzo in a matter of days there's no excuse


You can see it in >>523557 's image that what still miraculously had good posters on it. Where are they now? whatmin, bring what back for a few days to give them a chance to stay in contact somehow or organize a new site or to move somewhere else. Barring bringing it back temporarily, give them a link to a thread somewhere or something instead of redirecting to ota-ch.com/what which seems like an insult to them more than anything.


I'm already frens with all my /what/frens that wanted to be frens with me anyway.


Just goes to show how useless of a person he truly is at least his excuses are funny to read though as he apparently is able to look into other timelines and report back to say: "it would have ended up that way regardless" I have a hunch he's being antagonist on purpose because he wants to drag everyone down with him.


File: 1612519592288.png (699.8 KB, 840x630, what laptop.png)

One of the problems I feel with all the other /jp/ spinoff boards is that I'm walking on eggshells and too conscious of what I post.

Allowing even him the freedom to post (within means) harbored a feeling of freedom and low inhibition to what you post, and resulted in more variety and thoughts being expressed from all the posters.

/what/'s moderation choices were the reason I and other people would feel okay posting things on /what/, that we wouldn't feel okay posting on other /jp/ spinoffs.

And /what/ was better for that.




take your meds


I hope this is true for all of you. Good luck with your future endeavors.


>Allowing even him the freedom to post (within means) harbored a feeling of freedom and low inhibition to what you post, and resulted in more variety and thoughts being expressed from all the posters.

Well that's not what happened at all, it just resulted into him turning the site into his personal blog by drowning out everything else. And you didn't even do that "within means" part at first and you just let him spam with impunity during 2018 which is when most people left. No one would feel inhibited if you banned a disruptive person that brings no value to the board, in fact the contrary happened, people felt inhibited to post due to all the spam. And by the way, you aren't being exactly honest with yourself anyway, you regularly mass deleted things like simpson images and other various images you didn't like, and that's okay! The draw of /what/ was never that it was some libertarian paradise, and I don't really understand why you thought it was. If someone wants to continuously post garbage, he can go to gnfos and merorin (which he already was doing besides shitting up /what/).


you know what they say about people who give up freedom for order whatmin was right


You're really a gluten of punishment why do you keep coming back? Well it's clear actually you're just attention whoring like T not enough to whine in your own circle jerk you gotta drag this place into it as well. You know for a religious type you sure do lie a lot as well but yeah keep repeating that same bullshit over and over it will do you great wonders.


Yeah they cry on the better board because they closed their own from stress I am an incomparable homo Please stick it in me


You are so dumb. Are you trying to deny you made your own life harder?
I mod an imageboard where basically the admin left for a year without touching the server, but since there was still moderation, it didn't get spammed to death while he went and did his irl stuff.
Uptime is more important than you jacking off to how your php version was newer
It didnt have to end like this, you just became jaded.


File: 1612524296218.jpg (153.11 KB, 1366x768, D4xVVbHXsAE1N5j.jpg:large.jpg)

>Uptime is more important than you jacking off to how your php version was newer
Boy you really misunderstood that.

Let me put it in simple terms:

- PHP updates break old PHP code (think how python3 breaks python2 code)
- Vichan is a dead project, the only vichan maintainer publicly screams and writes angry letters to the PHP devs
- Running old versions of PHP on an updated Linux distro is a technical issue that can be challenging.

>It didnt have to end like this, you just became jaded.

You just disagree with how things were run. I don't care, you're wrong.

If things were run your way, different people would have left.


Where am I going to share my cool webms now?


File: 1612524867479.jpg (1.21 MB, 2450x1618, 1580354042076.jpg)

I've been using kissu /jp/

I'd prefer ota but there's no video support.


No. Fuck off.


>If things were run your way, different people would have left.

One person would've left, who can spam his garbage anywhere else and does, as opposed most people leaving, who haven't got nothing like /what/. Good job, you're really a great admin that takes great care about his userbase and not a pig-headed retard that can't admit he's ever wrong.


remeber my soft squishy whatfrens forever squished into mud by buttmins butte www


>You just disagree with how things were run. I don't care, you're wrong.
Your site is dead.
You are posting on ota.
You failed.
Your methods are objectively shit.


>birthday anon

I just wanted to let you know that I was still there til the day it died, I just didn't want to continue doing things like that as I felt strongly discouraged once one of the birthday cards was insolently reposted. Some of the threads would get bumped again too with rude or off-topic posts. I stopped completely in May 2018.

FWIW, I also organized the #whatch movie sessions, but that was earlier, between 2015-2016 with maybe a final one in early 2017. I primarily stopped doing that for different reasons.


File: 1612527579283.png (683.61 KB, 850x1200, 1612304798575-0.png)

None of that has to do with how the site was moderated.

Look, if you keep posting "waahh why didn't you stop 100% of his posts", I'm not responding.

You've already said it 100 times, and I've already told you my responses.

There was many posters who liked what and posted up until the very end. I will continue thinking of those friends. You on the other hand are loud and vocal, obnoxious, and like to complain.


crying for whatfrens


Imagine being so delusional you think it's always the same guy that thinks you're a shit admin. That poster didn't even mention him once. He doesn't know what he's talking about anyway because he thinks it's a technical and manpower matter, when the problem is simply personal i.e you. Keep on sticking in your head in the sand and being an intellectual coward by ignoring uncomfortable questions, retard.


I posted until the last day but I didn't enjoy it. I refreshed and saw no new good posts, told the schizo to kill itself and sometimes posted in the nice thread once in a blue moon.


>sometimes posted in the nice thread
See that's your problem. You're just a bad poster.


No point giving my nice thread IP to a bad admin


based stockholmmin


gonna turn on no-yuu again refugees welcome, no gurrantees ill keep it up for more than a day


Make sure you all go here, no one else wants you low level ratmen




God damn you are fucking weird.


File: 1612552251470.jpg (367.91 KB, 1086x1486, __takasaki_yuu_love_live_a….jpg)

don't bully yuu-chan


Dude last I checked there everyone was only insulting you on /what/ and now you're here where posts are either again insulting you, don't care or asking about wanting to connect with other users thats not you. That friend begging early how has it gone so far? Tell the truth now. I bet it's less then 5 and they hardly speak to you so stick to religion as only an invisible dude with guilt tripping issues would truly befriend you I am an incomparable homo Please stick it in me


bump for the bros.


buttmin is my personal meattoilet


File: 1612580107109.jpg (132.58 KB, 1280x720, [Zero-Raws] Tantei Opera M….jpg)

hows it feel to know you made someone cry?
words have power and you choose to use it to hurt others???


this one is also my meattoilet


File: 1612585138283.jpg (167.96 KB, 1280x720, sad.jpg)

how can you bully me like that?? how can you just write out a hurtful post designed to make someone cry like that? you dont even care what it is your doing

when people on ota bully me im not sad because of the comment… im sad because someone is so depserate to bully that theyll take the time to wright out such hurtful things


Are you copying George is that you?


i wish i could be a meat toilet but i simply can't


who is this cuteposter


vichan is obsolete junk anyway you should switch to lynxchan


Get out lynxchan devs.


lynx are cats



Imagine a world without /ota/


meow meow nyaaaaaa


bump for the bros.


thanks again buttmin for bringing schizo pajeet here to shill crypto and post conspiracy theories


we live in your head rent free


more takey meds less makey threads


I hope you fucking die for doing this to ota.


Wow rude.


You want him to die because he got tired of hosting his website? What is wrong with you?


I don't care I hope he fucking dies.


All of you people are, die with that freak.


who hurt you?


Kill yourself you retarded fuck.


take your meds, sweaty.


Don't post you insufferable brat.



As much as I despise whatmin myself it's gotta be said that this freak would've spammed ota either way and already did anyway. He's just doing it more now I suppose, but the crux of the problem has always been otamin doing the bare minimum of only deleting only the most blatant of garbage and spam (and then taking his own sweet time doing even that), instead of deleting disruptive shit in general like this turd of a thread, and the only solution to that is going somewhere else or making a site of your own or just to simply stop posting altogether.

No matter how hard people try to make good threads or bump old ones it'll never matter in the end because some shit eater will simply stroll in and spray diarrhea all over the board and otamin won't do a thing most of the time, as he hasn't been doing for years until the board finally dies.


Nen is the only option, nenmin actually cares about the board.




Truthbombs right here


I think you should hire whatmin as your janitor, otamin. He even said himself that he enjoys deleting that guy's spam so just let him do it here.


what is wrong with nu-ota and its love for meta


I personally find nen a bit too sterile and I don't really like having the entire frontpage consist of old threads with hundreds of replies in them, ota is supposed to be more funpost-y. Also, it would be rude to impose on them anyway.


Nen is an ota spinoff when it was clear teenmin didn't care about this board.


Keep blaming it on meta instead of the absolute garbage on the front page, courtesy of people that don't even post here.


woah child pornography


Otamin these juicy little kids that keep getting spammed is giving me a bone that won't quit


You are so laughably wrong


Why are you seething?


they hated Him because He spoke the truth


I agree. Don't get me wrong, I think it's nice to have a friendly spinoff like nen, but it doesn't make a good ota alternative.





<< Can you see any otas from up here? >>

*flies high up into the sky*

<< What have otas given us? >>


So will the /what/bros coordinate the japanese movie streams here? Those were nice and fun


File: 1612684918079.jpg (341.29 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-The.Call.2020.1080p.NF….jpg)

We haven't done that for years on /what/, but I watch Japanese movies with my one friend who organized those privately in Steam chat.

Recently we watched The Call (2020) and we both liked it.


there's an asian movie thread on merorin possibly the only good thing about that board shame nobody posts in it though


test fuck buddies




whatmin it's been so long


File: 1612800012698.jpg (49.82 KB, 892x480, saten-san in the yuki.jpg)


I didn't really enjoy browsing /what/ in the last two years so, but I've been there for so long it was part of my daily routine…It's sad, I really wish it didn't had to end like this.
Thank you /what/min, even though I don't agree with some of your decisions. I had a lot of fun on your site. My little feels a little emptier now. I'm going to miss it.


just realized what op meant by this rip


File: 1612823237709.jpg (553.47 KB, 1333x1333, 1415264423961.jpg)



I don't feel well…


File: 1612854431308.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1078, haruhi.png)



what is wrong


/what/ is wrong…


whatmin spreads her legs for anyone


File: 1612913154921.jpg (285.74 KB, 480x774, 1448788895048.jpg)

every day i try to log on /what/ and it's not there


haha nazimin's site is dead too


I sacrificed the server. I wanted to play Valheim on it, and I didn't want my new friends to find out about the board, so I nuked it.


Well at least you're actually honest about it.


File: 1613069510042.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.79 KB, 366x329, FB_IMG_1571580996632.jpg)


It's a fun 7 years, no hard feelings, eh whatmin?
Looks like your best friend destroyed /what/.

See ya wouldn't want to be ya!


never posted on /what/ i couldnt even tell you the url thats how absolutely irrelevant that shithole was to me


rip i remember making a post about w*bun years ago
i was never able to remember the url what-moo.ch?


but there was a jingle and everything…


my favorite part was (that's three o's)


how did it go?


what dash ch dot mooo~ dot com slash what slash~!


is wimmybun a banned word??
test wimmybun




wimmybun is whatmin right


Now that it's gone, why did you do it?


Where Do They Go, Now That They're Gone?




R.I.P Simpson Spammer, Hayzuz, Poop poster…..best posters on /what/!!


Don't forget Nagi.


oh wow I didn't know Nagi was still around last thing I heard from her was announcing the birth like all those years ago


dont forget schizo pajeet


Can't believe the Pajeet destroyed /what/and made whatmin have a breakdown!





it's okay to be gay


Do you guys have any japanese movie recommendations?


File: 1614532524365.jpg (1.43 MB, 3001x4087, 1614451995003.jpg)

- Blue Spring
- I am Hero
- Any Akira Kurosawa samurai film
- Shoplifters
- School Live
- Anohana live action movie
- Forgiven Children
- Waiting in the Dark
- 0.5mm
- 100 Yen Love


>I am Hero
Think I'm gonna watch this with mom. I remember reading the manga years ago, and it was pretty fun.


It would actually be okay to watch with your mom.

I really liked that one a lot.


holy fuck it's back


this is the SECOND time i fall for this trick


whatmin have you seen the 11700k review


File: 1615353396715.jpg (305.88 KB, 1920x1214, 1614207660_xpkqUtkUyfA.jpg)

No what about it?

My 3600 runs everything I need it to at above the fps I need it to, and likely will for quite a while.


File: 1615353888334.jpg (124.24 KB, 811x1063, 1614169425_i1CtUTZ.jpg)

Ryzen 3000/5000

X570 motherboard

Any 3200MHz C14 RAM or 3600 MHz C16 or better

PCI-e 4.0 nvme drives, and/or standard hard drives at least 4TB a piece

GPUs don't exist so you just simply don't buy one

Fractal case, 144Hz or 240Hz monitor (seriously 60Hz is so bad), Zowie mouse, HyperX FPS Pro keyboard, Sony MDR 7506 Headphones, any decent headphone dac/amp


File: 1615355467854.jpg (56.16 KB, 600x858, 1615252717765.jpg)

No, it's just kinda "leaked" into the wild. It was supposed to launch at the end of march but a german reseller started selling it 3 weeks early so anandtech now has a review about it now out, even if they have a non disclosure agreement with Intel. But that is not valid if you can actually get the chip early in retail. It's just an interesting design and the review goes well into detail about the architectural changes. Could be interesting if you like that stuff (I do)
Ryzen 5600x and B550 motherboard
Definitely 3600mhz ram, preferably G.skill, Crucial or Teamwhatstheirname


It hasn't gotten easier, whatmin…


File: 1616647543444.png (28.15 KB, 154x175, nice thread.png)


That is not a nice thread


File: 1616653257146.png (133.93 KB, 280x560, 1601149096665.png)



File: 1616658786604.png (551.36 KB, 600x743, 1616110653611.png)

whatmin I hate myself I should have not gone with Z490, ES xeons on ebay dropped in price
Like LGA3647 is so much cooler
Also ebay is full of RKL ES chips, I will probably get one of those 11900k's


Disgusting boid thread
Disgusting rat thread


Angry tranny post


Found the boidrat, YUCK blehh!


wwtd shitmin????????



tranny subhuman




tranny freak



File: 1617219123211.jpg (96.8 KB, 750x1000, IMG_20210331_212632_643.jpg)

Whatmin I ordered a CM H100 mini itx case, I will be building a second 10th gen, one will be the Z490 gaming build and the other will be an igpu linux/lowpower mini itx build
Also found a really good offer on a CM MA410M tower cooler for the gaming rig and found an okay looking CM psu too
I am starting to have a problem with buying pc parts, bought some fans a week ago etc, I just keep sinking money in good offers of quality parts


so whens it coming back online


Never, whatmin broke up with Pajeet.


I think he even fucked off outta here too I am an incomparable homo Please forgive my rudeness good riddance


He'll be back…


File: 1618727701141.jpg (253.51 KB, 1922x1080, sssa.jpg)

man i miss it
there's no where to casual post anymore


we are waiting for you at mero


Whatmin the fag


whatmin bring /t-p/ back to life onegai


haha he wants to erp with his little poop spammer again


File: 1618740703692.jpg (38.71 KB, 427x474, image.jpg)

I love you guys

Want you to know that I'm sorry and thank you


File: 1618772764425.jpg (137.64 KB, 550x500, 1567588478179.jpg)

Why you little!!…


Which Futurama episode is this?


File: 1618773544434.jpg (31.11 KB, 480x360, IMG_0611.JPG)



File: 1620097998584.jpg (43.72 KB, 800x747, 1439396795673.jpg)

is it really over surely it will be back any day now


Buttmin has fallen and now kokmin will reign supreme


>there's something sultry and flirty in the way that these people act which turns me on
Uhhhh I don't remember that being in the review………


what is the new site?


Can't post it, otamin is gonna get mad


this is a /what/ thread get out crossies


why would otamin get mad i'll post shitty threads on that site instead of this one


I am too embarrassed to post the link again and I don't want otamin to rangeban me so have this video as a hint instead, there's also hyphen in the name and the top domain is com!







S tier - oat man
A tier - T
B tier - no one
C tier - nenmin, whatmin
D tier - normseki, pissmin, kokmin
Shit tier - G, pnig



no one is falling for your astroturfing, cringemin


hi whatmin
hi pissmin


If these rankings were based on cuteness, kokomin would be at the top.


The ranking is based on basedness.


whatmin lives in your head rent free, cuck


kokmins cute kok


File: 1620149370950.jpg (538.04 KB, 1920x1080, 1586287126642.jpg)

the /what/ gang


hi nenmin


why are there two S tier categories? anyway this is pretty accurate except maybe move otamin down one tier and obvioisly fix the positioning of the 2nd S tier which you accidebtally put at the bottom


nenmin is triple-S rank powerful compared to all these small fries you just listed


It’s not based on power level, see >>531455


another hint…


File: 1620156291640.jpg (1.8 MB, 2893x4092, 85418946_p0.jpg)

nenmin wins again



dot cum


And my point still stands.


File: 1620156436574.jpg (236.83 KB, 1500x1062, kokoro-chan.jpg)

dot com




Oat man’s fingernail is more based than nenmin and all his ancestors combined.


Only if you are a spamming teen


bump limit


Me when someone mentions whatmin


File: 1620163974581.png (223.45 KB, 480x480, Inugami_Korone.png.bbb4545….png)

woah thats an epic as HELL vtuber reference


noooooooooooooooo not the heccin simpsons not the yellow cartoonerinos nooooooooooooo my ptsd


wonder if this thing will bump





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