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Here are a few facts about Maki:

Maki is a talented pianist and has been playing the piano since she was a child. She is also skilled at composing music and often writes songs for the school idol group μ's (pronounced "muse").

Maki is known for her cool and composed personality, and she can come across as aloof or distant at times. Despite this, she is fiercely loyal to her friends and will go to great lengths to protect them.

Maki is a straight-A student and is academically gifted. She is also highly intelligent and analytical, and is often seen as the "brain" of the group.

In the story, Maki initially resists the idea of becoming a school idol because she believes it to be a waste of time. However, she eventually comes around and becomes an important member of μ's, using her musical talents to help the group succeed.


Maki is a skilled vocalist and is known for her powerful and expressive singing voice. She is also an accomplished dancer and is able to perform difficult choreography with ease.

Maki is passionate about music and aspires to become a professional musician. She dreams of one day performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Despite her confident and competent exterior, Maki is insecure about her appearance and is self-conscious about her small stature. She often compares herself unfavorably to the other members of μ's and can be prone to self-doubt.

Maki is close with her parents and has a good relationship with them. She often confides in her mother and seeks her advice on matters of the heart.

Maki is a bit of a perfectionist and can be hard on herself when she makes mistakes. However, she is also determined and resilient, and is not afraid to work hard to achieve her goals.

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