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No. 6150

Do girls really do this?


haven't yet seen it myself.


all the girls I've been with had small oppai
My favorite is my Chinese otakette exgf, possibly because hers were the first I ever touched


File: 1578527202124.jpg (101.06 KB, 600x750, __nitta_minami_idolmaster_….jpg)

Do M girls like that sort of thing?


This norm is about to get hit by the patented Otamin dab


Post pics


God never said there's anything wrong with pre-marital fondling. Why haven't you touch a tit?


And once more Otamin won't do a shit because he doesn't care about "norms" on his site I am an incomparable homo


they get quietly issued permabans in an attempt to lull more norms into a false sense of security so they reveal themselves


Source: I'm a norm and otamin never banned me even though I've been normposting since 2015.

How does that make you feel?


this isn't wizchan faggots.


um guys there was nothing norm about my Chinese otakette exgf. She kept her toenail clippings in a box and made Transformers fan fiction.


>and made Transformers fan fiction.
That's actually cute.
Were they about Michael Bay's universe or about the shows?


this was before the Michael Bay movies came out. She was writing based on older stuff
Once she punched me in the head and thought it was funny because she saw a character in anime do it to her boyfriend but I was hurt and got angry at her
Another time we were waiting at a bus stop and then she realized she forgot something in her dorm so she ran across the street to get it and she tripped. These girls next to me laughed loudly and pointed at her. I got really angry and wanted to confront them about it and tell them she was my girlfriend and they aren't allowed to make fun of her but I stayed quiet


I really like this girl's boobies, just wanted to get that out there.


You sound like a wimp
Of course she is only with you because you're white and over 6 feet tall.


She seems like a great girl, anon. Why did you dump her?


she dumped me
we agreed to meet up on a day over summer break but her mom told her to help in her lab as an unpaid assistant
I told her she should just tell her mom no because we already made plans but she said it wasn't working out and that we should break up
The next year I worked in one of the dining courts and she walked in to get food. She pretended not to see me so I said hi to her face and she ignored me
The next year my mental health plunged off a cliff and I sent her a ton of text messages insulting her. In her replies she didn't seem to recognize me so she must have deleted my number. When she said I was harassing her and threatened to call the police I stopped contacting her
I don't know what happened to her after that


What a cunt.


>threatened to call the police I stopped contacting her

all i​n​c​e​l​s are bastards


enough derailing let's talk about that ice on her nipples


Don't listen to these guys my fellow normbros. The Otamin is a fierce punisher of normkind.


Does it make her nipples rock hard?


Rock hard and ice cold.


Take your meds, schizo, we both know he doesn't care.


File: 1578669436480.png (590.1 KB, 863x1080, meeka3.png)

What's the next step? Nibbling on them?


Hmm, I never tried ice before but I like it when my bf licks and sucks my nipples.


Are they sensitive?
I a girl once told me the most sensitive part of her breasts were closer to the clavicle, not the nipples.

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