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It thought about the question of the ages while looking at the spaghetti
napolitain of the lunch. It is a question "Why is the napolitain red?". It
looks easy, and the problem with a deep interior.
It doesn't become an idea stop ..another.., and not exist excluding the
defeat of the intellect at all though arranges "It is red because it is red"
etc. and tautology and there is complacent superficial man, too either.
There is a phenomenon "Redshift". It is a phenomenon that the spectral line
changes red by the Doppler effect in the heavenly body that goes away from
the earth at high speed in space. In a word, if the napolitain goes away
from us at high speed even though what color, an original napolitain is sure
to look red glaring. Whether does the napolitain in the presence move at
high speed or not?It is understood from turning on the opposite side of the
napolitain. Blue one are sure to change, and to look blue the spectrum by
observing it from the opposite direction of the movement. When having turned
oppositely, the napolitain was red. Therefore, it can be said that this
napolitain will not high-speed move.

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