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Anyone here like sounding?


That looks painful….
what is sounding


fucking retard


I always thought that sounding should be a turn-on for me but the fact you have to train yourself to enjoy it really bums me out especially when I see it in manga and realise there's no way your average submissive male teenager would cum from sounding on his first try without getting drugged or something
Maybe one day I'll get a sounding kit


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That's how I feel about it as well. It seems really lewd and erotic and I would love to get into it, but the fact that you have to spend a bunch of time experimenting before you get any pleasure from it kinda sucks.

Same thing with prostate stimulation; that's another huge turn on for me, but the amount of training it takes to achieve a prostate orgasm is kinda silly.


I hate when it pops up out of nowhere it makes my dick flinch in fear


Absolutely not.

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