Global Rules

  1. Have fun.
  2. Keep minority spirit.
  3. You must be 18 years of age or older to use this website.
  4. Do not post anything illegal or incriminating under local or Italian law.
  5. No real life Idols (アイドル).
  6. No off-topic, offensive or pornographic real life imagery.
  7. No Western pornography. All Western art is discouraged and may be subject to deletion.
  8. Meta threads and discussion - notably including linking to other discussion/imageboards - are discouraged and may be subject to deletion and/or bans. Please feel free to send all feedback or questions to admin@ota-ch.com.

Board Rules

/om/ - Otaku Media

  1. This is the board for more comprehensive discussion of Japanese visual novels, games, doujinsoft, anime, manga, other otaku merchandise/media and Japanese culture.
  2. All things Japanese welcome!

/jp/ - 2D/Random

  1. Threads must be opened with 2D pictures unless they relate to otaku culture.

/2d/ - 2D/NSFW

  1. All threads must be opened with 2D pictures.

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