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Seeing this did actually cheer me up a bit.


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Okay, here's the story that nobody cares about.

Our two boats were laying together for some time and when I went on deck I noticed these two shabs painted before the ER entrance on their ship. The question of who, what and why made this piece of art on a merchant ship was bothering me all night. It is unusual and even a little bizarre because it is a place full of men doing manly things that make sure you are well fed, clothed and that your cheap chink shit gets to you on time I don't even know why would they be interested in this subculture. Yesterday before going to bed I thought I'd ask someone on their crew about these drawings but when I woke I their ship had already changed berth some 1000 meters ahead. So in the evening, when it was practically dark I grabbed my bike, cycled all the way to their ship and inquired the master about these peculiar drawings. What I really wanted to know, though, was if there were any more of these anime girls painted somewhere else but sadly it was just these two. Luckily the captain was friendly enough to answer my autistic questions. It turns out it was his 16 year old, art student niece who painted these some time last year during her holiday when she was staying with her uncle aboard the ship. Apparently she picked some cute looking girls from the internet and replicated them. The dude even provided me with a source but I couldn't understand it. It sounded like Sin or Thin - I don't know. Maybe if any of you recognize a game or a show that sounds familiar you can correct me.


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It's an oc from dA.


That's really interesting, thanks for sharing anon

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