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It's 2021 and this is the average Japanese girl.

Addicted to gacha, junk food, and grain alcohol mixed with carbonated water and artificial flavors.


what's her ig imma hit her up


hey look its me


>As a lifelong "gamer" since I was 6, the biggest gender shift in gaming that I've seen is in Genshin Impact, which has me questioning what a "real gamer" is relative to those playing this game. It's possibly the most lucrative game launch in 2020 ($400 mil revenues within 2 months on mobile alone, not including PC or console) - in what is typically a very, very long tailed revenue model.

>Of the people I've seen on social media spending thousands of dollars on the characters, it's predominantly women. This is because the "game" itself is relatively easy, the typical male "power gamer" has no need to spend thousands of dollars on these characters to win. The only reason you want those characters is that… you like them.


>Of all the 5 star "chase" characters they've released as limited editions, they primarily appeal to women and many seem to be designed on a template following the male stereotypes in romantic dramas. Only 1 so far seems designed to appeal to the typical "male" gamer.

>1. Venti - a pretty boy genius, wastrel artist who secretly happens to be the god of the wind element

>2. Klee - a cute innocent pyromaniac child

>3. Childe - the handsome "bad boy" expert martial artist mixed up with bad company (the mafia basically), who secretly has a caring heart and is extremely loyal to those he loves

>4. Zhongli - the dashing but coldly calculating consultant who is supremely intellectual and happens to secretly be the god of contracts

>5. Ganyu - half human half adepti secretary of the Qixing —- the ONE character that seems pandering to men. Literally the only adult woman in the list.

>6. Xiao - a mysterious good looking, sullen and withdrawn demon slayer, who you discover is tormented by the pain of eons of slaughter he has to endure to protect humanity.

>This company might be the first to discover middle aged professional women have heaps of disposable income and are willing to spend it to prove their devotion to their favourite characters. I think every other company is now wondering how they can monetize this too. The "real" gamers or customers in this game might be those that spend thousands of dollars on it, while gamers like me would be considered parasites not worth the company's consideration =P Alas I am not a real gamer now to them, hah.


This must be why there's so much fujo anime with pretty boy idols and shoujo-manga art style now.


File: 1613830691320.png (631.43 KB, 1000x1000, 1559834642345.png)

tl;dr women have always spent more money and nerd hobbies are now mainstream enough to include a profitable amount of women

wow it's 2012 again


Please date me I have money now


no i have plenty of money creep it just all goes to gacha husbandos (´;ω;`)


I bet less women would be fat if we were eating bugs


Foids get fat off of soda and sugar coffee and crisps not burgers


yeah I thought it said ``burgs'' too but actually the post said bugs. Those letters can be tricky sometimes


wait so is it pronounced like jenshin?


lol imagine thinking a trap and a little girl character aren't aimed at the male demographic


Klee is for the peds though


nobody even pointed that out in the original thread there were just a few comments about how Genshin isn't new really because other gacha games did similar things


Some woman are into traps.


I would face fuck Venti and fill his commie chink mouth with a hot load of my freedom juice.

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