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So has vocaloid completely drowned in irrelevance or what? As far as I can remember it's been years since the last major software update and I don't recall much quality content being created recently either. Not that I follow it too closely though.


I still see Vocaloid threads with new songs on 4/jp/ all the time, so I don't think so.


isn't Vocaloid on 4/jp/ contained to a single thread where they just dump images from gelbooru? I didn't know they actually posted music there


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Project Sekai is very popular


isn't it basically vocaloid's FGO equivalent?


It's a rhythm game…


I mean in the sense that it has little to do with original franchise and was created mostly for commercial purposes
idk honestly I've never played either


All the ironic weeb zoomies nowadays are into v-tubers and shit, Vocaloid became irrelevant.


I don't really follow the Vocaloid scene too closely either, but I still like to listen to some songs every now and then.

How about we post some songs here?


I like this one
though I think it could've been better had it been released a bit later and gone full future-funk


i was gonna post viva happy but since you already posted mitchie m i'll have to think of another song



hate 3D modelling
who even thought that was a good idea


I don't like it either yet pretty much all uploads of this song on youtube have it


yeah and I really don't understand why would anyone bother doing that instead of just some basic but fitting 2D animation like in Rolling Girl, that is the question
though I don't think animation is all that important in the first place anyway if the song is really good on its own like https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7681014


Yeah any good song doesn't need unnecessary 3D effects or modelling just the album cover or maybe fitting 2D art/animation like in the one you linked. I guess that one I linked isn't as bad as the other song thumbnail I saw by comparison, 'gift nor art' now that looked bad.
Love that track though, do you have more in similar vein to that melodic and ambient sound?


I don't think I've encountered any other Vocaloid song that would sound quite like that but these have somewhat similar feeling to them:
you may also try your luck with browsing the ambient tag at vocadb but retards over there know jackshit about music and constantly mistag everything to the point of the website being barely usable for anythingother than keeping track of new releases


Those two are also nice, really appreciate it.
Music mistagging really sucks especially, say, if you like a certain sound of some arranges so most of the time you're slightly better off manually looking up who exactly were behind your favorite songs and try some of their later works just because keyword searching for genres often gives you blatantly mistagged arranges which is unfortunate. Happens quite frequently with Touhou arranges for me although that might vary more or less depending on what kind of stuff you like.

Yuyoyuppe - Hidamari no Uta


synthwave vocaloid surprisingly doesn't sound all that bad to me, though this one in particular did mess up vocal tone


Vocaloid suffered from the same effect that lo-fi American indie rock did in the 90s. Too easy to produce=lots of garbage.


this one barely has any vocals but I like how trip-hoppy it sounds


Weird vocal tone indeed but neat use of that synthwave sound there

Bumpyうるし feat. Yuzuki Yukari - 紲月歌


Oh yeah after thinking about it for a while it reminded me of this one
mikuru396 - melody…

It's more techno/trance than ambience but it does have some nice melodic lead and ambience in it, also really nice.


Loved this one. It's really odd how there's a lack of proper Vocaloid techno especially taking into account that Japan's regular techno scene is pretty good, but when it comes to fusing it with other genres there is actually quite a lot of enjoyable tracks.
For instance, elaborating the topic of melodic ambience, at least as far as ambient techno goes:


The thing is that having a vocaloid sing instead of a real singer doesn't really lower the bar for the music itself, whereas simply being indie might do for indie rock for some people. Nobody will listen to a song that sounds like ass just because it's Vocaloid, even the people who are only in it for cute girls, since they probably just jerk off to fan art anyway.



Very nice, these sound great.

>It's really odd how there's a lack of proper Vocaloid techno especially taking into account that Japan's regular techno scene is pretty good

Yeah outside what was linked here I'm not too aware of there being a great abundance of Vocaloid techno, though I just discovered another one by mikuru396 - Start sequence

What are some noteworthy regular Japanese melodic kind of techno producers? Would like to listen to some more of this kind of music in general


File: 1610892204115.jpg (522.4 KB, 850x1173, 1504762507983.jpg)

these two have pretty cool textures
Classic Japanese techno I know of generally tends to be pretty upbeat and often even synth-driven, in essence it usually sounds kind of like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOKyd58K710, so I'm not sure if that meets your requests. However, there are actually tons of quality doujin techno and it's quite varied as well. This one is one of my personal favourites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ5K6sKx9Ek


The End of the Journey is really good, I like that shiny clean guitar tone with reverb there.
Mizukagami no Niwa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7BmkP75ctE
It's also from Clean Tears coincidentally enough, another nice Vocaloid trance track. The backing synth bass and synth lead melody sound pretty cool

Another cool trance mixed with ambient track I recalled was a Touhou arrange so I posted it in the other thread >>521591 also coincidentally was arranged by a guy that has more works under Diverse System so I'll be sure to listen to some more of Diverse System's trance and techno series in due time.


How would you feel about https://youtu.be/qVuHAyVbFlg? It also features well-executed deep guitar tonality but being shoegaze it's definitely raw, though some tracks do have their moments of clarity.


Vocals on this one are really good.


That is a really cool album and really nails that melodic ambience sound.

Kouhei feat. 結月ゆかり - vis


♫im nuclear im wild♫


Cold Leaf - Aeriel Flow
Clean Tears - Tranquilizer

I like the general atmosphere and synth sound of Aeriel Flow though it is a bit long as it goes all the way up to 10 minutes. Tranquilizer starts off more electronic dance sounding until about 2 minutes in where the melodic ambient part really starts to kick in.


I see ironic weeb thrown around a with more and more frequency, but haven't some form of ironic weebs always sort of had a foothold in online japan culture spaces?



nah you're thinking of weebs
ironic weebs are like weebs, very similar
but they do it ironically


Oh yeah, I remember listening to Tranquilizer a lot when it came out and I still listen to it every once in a while now. It's probably my favourite Vocaloid remix. The vocals capture track's energy quite well and climaxing parts are really powerful.


KazuP - Innocence

Agreed. Also from the same album, 'Impure' sounds good too although I think Tranquilizer is still the best sounding track on the album.


File: 1611505899665.jpg (558.76 KB, 960x1340, 1580939638904.jpg)

This one sounds like UK garage safe for refrain, wonder if there are more tracks with similar sound

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