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keep minority spirit


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Bad maids who can't do their job get reassigned to a more suitable position…


shes still training, please be patient


Can't cook well enough to be a kitchen maid, too clumsy to be a cleaning maid… being a bedroom maid is her last chance!


that's a good idea, cleaning sheets and dusting bedside tables are pretty easy even for a clutz!


That's exactly what I was implying!


I think about this image when I have to go to work
today my manager was tied up with a big audit the whole day and I remembered that in a meeting yesterday this other manager had reminded everyone that they had this interdepartmental activity scheduled for like 8 AM today and all the managers were supposed to either be there or have a delegate and my manager didn't ask me to attend in his place but I just assumed he would forget about the meeting because he was focused on the audit so I thought I should get to work early to attend the meeting for him but then this morning I felt tired and then I wanted to masturbate before work and I didn't go early


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Why do I have to work for society's sake if I don't get any of the benefits of society


I peed myself today.


No horny lazy thoughtful caring EET oatcheese bf…


Not with that attitude


not sure how weird it is between the girl at my work and me she wasnt in yesterday or today not sure if its because of our awkward situation


trevor said thgat yoiu have autism


love kms poster hate trebbler


gonna kms today.


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I sent my boss a letter of resignation and he offered me a $10k raise and working from home time to get me to stay.
I don't want it to be like this, back when I was a NEET every day was a struggle but I was free. I miss the sensation of losing dwindling sanity, I miss being an animal propelled by nothing but anger. I was a cel warlord, I was death itself. The norms trembled before my might. Now they come into my office to tell me about their kids baseball practice.
My honor has been tarnished as I am a sell out, reluctantly slaving away for a machine that has been crushing my bones between its cogs since I was born until I gracelessly expire in my room alone hunched over in front of my computer. Despite all this rage I'm still just a rat in a cage.


So you have normal people treating you as one of their own, and you complain about it?


what do you expect from hopeless romantics they have royalty syndrome like their 19 year old hero


It's not buddy buddy like that, it's them being bored and treating you like a harmless nerd.


But that's exactly what you are.


keep cel spirit


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wtf I was gonna jack off to those Marie Rose pictures oatmeal and you deleted the thread.


File: 1606002455462.jpg (62.13 KB, 1920x1080, doa_MarieRose10380.jpg)

hope oatman doesn't think only one person posts Marie Rose


File: 1606002623937.jpg (2.91 MB, 5000x2817, 1564824674344.jpg)

Is this the new Marie Rose thread?


fuck off dani you scizo fucking retard i have your full name and address and im literally emailing the police abnout your gay pedophilia and violent history of mental illness i hoipe you get locked up for good you fucking retard schizo fuck


wow this the first time ever I can tell that a post belongs to otamin




HOLY FUCK this guy is steaming HARD based D*ni


I can't really remember that many of Dani's posts but I have this thoughtform about him being a legendary character for some reason like what did he even post did he make posts about demons corrupting him before he was born


whenever dani posted about heavensward i thought he was mispelling it and it was actually supposed to be heaven sword but i just found out a few months ago that he was spelling it right the whole time and it was actually heavens ward


wait is 'dani' not an autoban anymore


oh sorry I didn't realize he was so awful that even saying his name was bannable I'll try to avoid saying it in the future even if it's not bannable anymore

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