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No. 502168





bully imposterposter


Die die die


The homocaust can't come soon enough




I'm gay


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How would he "translate" tsundere aimed at a woman?


File: 1589037842947.jpg (315.95 KB, 1546x2032, EAkmoc6UYAMU8F1.jpg)



"Fragile female ego", obviously.


Yeah no


maybe I don't know


File: 1589100612841.png (2.07 MB, 1194x721, 1588732637631[1].png)


Localizers absolutely seething


Feel intense pity for anyone subjecting themselves to American Nintendo rewrites


File: 1589120277493.png (451.53 KB, 452x530, 1588354930823.png)

Trans rights.


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Trans rights.


i dont get the whole trans rights shit
trannies seem to have every right everyone else does in 1st world english speaking countries outside of india and africa, and no one in nigeria has the money to care about that kind of 1st world bullshit
most of them arguably have more rights than when they were just male cels

ive seen people claim that they get killed more often, but that's not true and the trans-panic defense they whine about only changes your murder charge into manslaughter
the only thing they really do is kill 40% of themselves post-op and be annoying online, and im sure that's just because they're a self-hating species of inkwells
is it just virtue signalling and attentionwhoring or some kind of poorly set up ironic meme?


Henri has really turned over a new leaf…


Why are you still asking questions like this and expecting anyone to bother responding earnestly? Go watch a contrapoints video.


It's really not that hard to understand. Think about how many people post hateful things online. There are a lot of them, right? Each one is also a real person in real life. Trans people have to deal with them. Whether or not you think they should receive institutional protection, like health care or bathroom access or whatever, it's pretty clear why they're seeking social protection. Discrimination isn't a spook.


People post way more hateful things towards lncels than trannies, even on this site. Why do trannies deserve protection and lncels don't?


That's a really, really big non sequitur.



I was hoping that you would admit to your contradictions


>the majority must bend the knee to the minority
this is why you aren't liked, not because of your "sexuality"


File: 1589130693130.png (19.22 KB, 837x403, 2020-05-10.png)

I can't admit to a contradiction I didn't make. I do believe that you deserve to be protected from people discriminating against you because you're a virgin, or because you're ugly, or whatever other issue you might be hinting at.

Did you reply to the wrong post? I am the majority.


They don't want to be treated as equals, they want to be treated as superiors like women are


File: 1589131791746.png (57.71 KB, 214x214, 1566664672248.png)

Did oatman set it up so all of Henri's post get filtered to "trans rights"



Those don't have the name and trip. That's the trigger.


Those probably aren't him.


the oatman shows his true colors…


By and large, people disagree with discrimination and violence on principle. That's not contentious in the slightest. Someone who's trans is just as much a person as any other. Few will disagree with any of those sentiments besides genuine bigots, but those are few and far between. That said, "transgenderism" (as presented in the media and online) is a luxury concern only affordable to the bourgeoisie and petite-bourgeoisie in the same way that the feminist movements post-Suffragettes are. This is abundantly clear through the language and terminology used; chiefly, identifying as "trans" in the first place. Rather than prefacing "I'm a man" or "I'm a woman", the label of choice is "I'm trans," or "I'm a trans man," and so on. Likewise, the demands of the "trans movement" is completely disproportional in scope and counter-productive to their stated goals. Firstly, in regards to the disproportionality of their goals, is _cultural accommodation._ In other words, in stark contrast to the _genuine_ movements of rights expansion (the aforementioned Sufragettes, Civil Rights protestors, and most recently the gay acceptance movement) which sought the expansion of rights (voting for women, marriage for gay couples, desegregation for colored peoples), the "trans movement" demands that culture and language be made "more inclusive."



Again, therein they've shown their hand once more; arguably, a woman has no more rights than a man and vice versa. After all, a trans person is no less a man or a woman, so why must _anything_ change? This contention only exists because the "trans movement" places the identity of being trans above that of sex that a trans person is. Likewise, there's an intense backlash against the revisionism and genuine cultural appropriation of the "trans movement" because they seek to alter material for their stated purpose of "inclusion." Case in point is the appropriation and consolidation of anything "sexually deviant" or non-gender conforming as being "trans." For example, crossdressers are now included within the sphere of transgenderism. Likewise, because language is of such import to the "trans movement," anyone who uses pronouns not inline with their sex are now within the sphere of transgenderism. To at least loop this back to anime and stuff, Astolfo has been hoisted as a symbol of transgenderism… despite not being trans, because… Y'know… He's just a gay crossdresser… Perhaps if the "trans movement" were as intellectually rigorous as it is aggressively expansionist, it might also include Sachiko Koshimizu in their roster of trans characters because she uses "boku" despite being a female. Secondly, the "trans movement" works in direct contrast of its stated aims. That being, the inclusion and acceptance of trans people as what they identify as.



As previously stated however, their constant drive to instead identify themselves as "trans" first and foremost, rather than "female" or "male," has lead to them instead becoming a sort of "pseudo-gender." That being, they're neither female nor male, but "trans." Though not in the same vein, though equally counter-productive, is on the front of accommodation. That is, misgendering, discomfort, and other such misunderstandings are all perceived as the same sort of discrimination as hiring discrimination, for example. E.g. de facto (social) discrimination is equivalent to de jure (governmental) discrimination. Finally, (and what I personally believe most people take issue with) because the "trans movement" identifies itself among the previously mentioned rights movements, they push for "trans rights" as if there are no other issues of greater importance to be rallying behind. For example, a trans person having the "right" to use the restroom of the gender that they identify as is more important than there being a $15 minimum wage and so on. And, because there is that sense among the "trans movement," there's a distinct "if you're not for us, you're against us," mentality which ostracizes and excludes anyone who does not share the same views as they do.



There's also a pervasive sense that the "trans movement" is not serious because they've gamified and commodified the experience of social struggle; it does not move the "Overton window" in the slightest to paint everything in the pastel colors of the trans flag. It just pisses people off, because again, it's seen as merely appropriating unrelated things. For example, if someone posts the "trans minecraft bee" image on Twitter, how does that advance the goals of the "trans movement?" Plain and simple: it doesn't.

Basically, no. People don't hate trans people. People hate the movement, _which they associate with trans people._ It's the same as disliking or even hating the Republican party; hating it doesn't mean you now suddenly hate your co-worker Jeff.



*wrties paragraphs of cel shit*


I am an incomparable homooooooooooooooooooooo


>besides genuine bigots, but those are few and far between
One of your first and most important assertions is completely unsupported.

>a woman has no more rights than a man and vice versa [ . . . ] "trans movement" places the identity of being trans above that of sex that a trans person is

This is a strawman. As a specific example, a woman might say she has a right to receive mammograms. A man might say he has a right to receive a prostate exam. A trans person will have specific and unique medical needs.

>For example, a trans person having the "right" to use the restroom of the gender that they identify as is more important than there being a $15 minimum wage

This was really silly. Minimum wage is controversial because of economic considerations, not because of human rights.

The rest of your complaints boil down to people being silly. Every demographic with an agenda has the same problems. A rational person doesn't dismiss the issues a marginalized group faces just because some of its members are irrational. People tend to act out when you treat them poorly. For instance, I can still empathize with hopeless romantics despite people like >>502321 >>502323 >>502327 being bitter and hateful. Their bad attitude doesn't mean that no one has treated them unjustly.


Imagine coming to an internet forum and writing posts.


>One of your first and most important assertions is completely unsupported.
I am an incomparable homo >>502326

>This is a strawman.

Hence, "arguably."

>The rest of your complaints boil down to people being silly.

That was the point… Did you not read the final statement? Hint: "People hate the movement."


That image literally says that in a group of 4 people, 1-2 of them believe that a trans person shouldn't be protected from discrimination. Can you explain how that is few and far between?

And yes, I read your entire wall of text. Hint: A rational person doesn't dismiss the issues a marginalized group faces just because some of its members are irrational.


File: 1589139938693.png (196.64 KB, 958x478, race.png)

>Can you explain how that is few and far between?
A literal plurality isn't good enough for you? That's higher than the percentage of people that thought race was the most important issue during the 60s. Ahem, "A rational person," you are not.

>A rational person doesn't dismiss the issues a marginalized group faces just because some of its members are irrational.

Whether you like it or not, presentation is everything. "Non-violent protest" ring any bells? If the average interaction someone has with a trans person is not only online (which cheapens the worth of discourse since there's no immediate bearing on their personal situation) but to be chided and harassed for their misconceptions, can you understand why some people might not have a favorable view of them over all?


I always didn't really understand why they decided to pull the ideas of traps, crossdressing, drag, acting out of gender roles, etc. into their movement while seeming to simultaneously alienating those things and consider them offensive if they weren't part of the movement. Let alone with fictional characters who are traps but not trans.

Middle aged women laughing at drag queen comedy has probably lead to more acceptance and understanding for the plight for gays and trannies than just about anything else besides stonewall.


do you not realize that 1/4th of 300 million is 75 million? that many people are still intolerant and hateful to trans people


No, I don't think "It's better than racism so it's okay." is a good benchmark. And I already said that people act out when treated poorly, so yes I understand why irrational people on both sides of the discussion act the way they do. That doesn't give someone who's trying to make a logical argument an excuse to be dismissive.


File: 1589140579759.jpg (1.46 MB, 3645x3481, 81100428_p0.jpg)

wow this thread really sucks now lets go back to posting gay animes


die trannies


File: 1589141092990.png (30.79 KB, 847x419, gay rights.PNG)

>That doesn't give someone who's trying to make a logical argument an excuse to be dismissive.
My point, you fucking dullard, is that your "movement" does a piss poor job at actually changing "hearts and minds," because it's needless combative and bloated with what essentially amounts to feature creep. It's no wonder why the trans movement has to tie itself at the waist to the gay rights movement (which has done all the heavy lifting, hence why support for trans rights is virtually identical to that of gay rights). Otherwise for as much good as you've done, you'd be polling at or below 50% support (I.e. firmly along party lines).

Maybe reflect on _why_ people dislike your movement and take to heart what I wrote instead of you yourself being dismissive and you'll get higher than 73 percent approval. At that be grateful you even have 73% approval rather than crying because we're not at 100%, you ungrateful little shit.


Can someone ask zunbar to come back to /ota/? We need another trip poster since henri can't say anything besides "trans rights" anymore.


I don't have a movement, I just have a brain. Maybe if you think you have useful feedback for how a movement should conduct itself, you should submit it to an organization instead of getting mad at strangers online.


File: 1589141595103.jpg (638.27 KB, 2508x2667, __katarina_claes_and_keith….jpg)

they're still posting paragraphs that aren't fan fiction, who the heck would read all that


People that are not COOM brains you moron


That's sorta the problem. There isn't anyone to appeal to. Just a bunch of disparate people all yelling into the void in the hopes that something changes. That's why I kept putting trans movement in quotation marks; sure there's a movement, but there's not even a figurehead save for Contra Points, but she makes videos on a wide range of topics and not just trans stuff.


File: 1589141889587.jpg (170.08 KB, 625x505, __kagari_atsuko_and_diana_….jpg)



File: 1589143067612.jpg (147.82 KB, 1254x1771, 0f6544584665cd2b5e7bb1f749….jpg)


File: 1589143115056.jpg (155.81 KB, 2563x1812, 3e491797dfa872f3fa9f873fca….jpg)


File: 1589143159016.jpg (174.45 KB, 1448x2048, 9adb6c3f239508add356093ef6….jpg)


File: 1589143228969.jpg (505.09 KB, 3000x4093, 16640f910aa3e565145bde35f7….jpg)


File: 1589143263895.jpg (161.99 KB, 1601x2260, 48533cb13c2db74ebc421af9f2….jpg)


File: 1589143387585.jpg (210.06 KB, 1444x2000, 542621e3a44b762571e1023901….jpg)


File: 1589143421422.jpg (162.83 KB, 1535x2048, 3577417fc100d8ce3bab0290bd….jpg)


File: 1589143573278.jpg (148.94 KB, 1282x2047, b8191f2985edf36897d4c2eda2….jpg)


File: 1589143678694.jpg (64.92 KB, 718x1024, c28c2c6e577c1b512bdc135b40….jpg)


Don't do that


File: 1589143803129.jpg (258.04 KB, 2191x2548, e86d096fecc89207f6bcedc906….jpg)


I am an incomparable homo the butt buddy gang is already on slide alert


File: 1589145169004.gif (17.47 KB, 300x300, 1444154311683.gif)

It's time.


what happened while I was away


Henri got confused by the gay/trans community on twitter that he just discovered, Otamin filtered his posts to "trans rights" as a joke, Henri got mad and went to Kissu where he derailed a thread and pissed off everyone including the admin, and now he is back and begging Otamin for forgiveness.


All he had to do was change 1 character in his name or commit to a new trip and laugh it off.


Honestly though, it'd be kinda funny if he committed to making all posts in the form of image macros.


File: 1589164400606.jpg (445.74 KB, 750x750, adec8a5437fd7c5dfa5e94e48e….jpg)

Otamin is trans now and Henri said something bad about trannies.

So he word filtered Henri's posts to "Trans rights."


Thanks I hope /ota/ doesn't move to kissu, that site seems pretty shitty.


maybe oatmeal was really dude all along


File: 1589164897176.jpg (1.2 MB, 2000x1414, 1588301480267.jpg)

Trans rights.


umi-ch now


Is Fred that person's deadname?


File: 1589165226339.png (490.64 KB, 836x824, uumi.png)

Trans rights.


I don't really read henri's posts anyway, I just like the images that he posts


Can't believe Henri is going to transition


It's ok we can still communicate with him.

Henri did you wish your mother a happy mother's day?

Post an Umi for yes. Post a Tokiko for no.


File: 1589165389614.png (344.89 KB, 951x800, __miyamoto_frederica_and_s….png)

fred is fred


File: 1589165511289.jpg (108.68 KB, 850x850, umimanju.jpg)

Trans rights.


File: 1589166056389.jpg (51.09 KB, 1024x575, DcTqJhjVQAAen3c.jpg)

Trans rights.


File: 1589166324804.gif (1.09 MB, 640x360, tumblr_76da4f7263bce774815….gif)

Time to get a fancy trip like the one lolimo has/had?


ganbarre shamiko


File: 1589166736450.png (180.36 KB, 282x446, tok.png)



File: 1589167106319.jpg (277.43 KB, 1576x2048, __sonoda_umi_love_live_and….jpg)



cute trip cute image cute poster


I never liked henri but if he hates the trannies then I'm with henri now.


File: 1589167443394.jpg (708.07 KB, 708x1000, __chen_touhou_drawn_by_aki….jpg)

Haha, check out this one… CHENri


File: 1589167478903.jpg (179.5 KB, 1366x768, D5zVToIX4AEBOdb.jpg)

Cute as flipping h*ck.


File: 1589168072062.jpg (163.01 KB, 640x640, __chen_touhou_drawn_by_nik….jpg)




I thought henri made his new trip password #fuckotamin


It's #fuckotamin1


Let this day go down in history as the day basedmin was based


tripcodes can only be 8 characters max



Kind of feel bad for making this thread which contributed to the great henri bullying of 2020


Don't prove it's yours we believe you…


I don't understand what apparently happened in this thread

is there a new filter?


Henri made an "othering" language woopsie and otamin pulled a prank to tease him about it. >>502005


What prank


File: 1590081881402.jpg (353.24 KB, 530x750, Éléonore Albertine le Blan….jpg)




Amazing SHAB dude


What the heck, who would made an entire blog about feet and why


a boidcreep


I remember that wiki a long time ago dedicated to bath scenes in anime is a foot fetish blog really that weird?


Oh and there's also this hero:





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