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We are always talking about how older people have higher risk of dying than young. Albeit that's true what you may not know is that most of the victims are also men. For each women dying, two men have the same fate.

That's also not only true to Corona. Women on average have a far stronger immunological system than men. Their lungs and heart as well as almost every organ appear to be better than ours. Of course, there are non-endocrinological too (men smoke and drink more), but the most important reason is how we're built. Are muscles might be stronger, but our bodies are weaker than the female ones.


Lol weak pathetic boids


Funny how I could easily kill any woman



And a virus can kill you and not them.


You'll never be a woman, troon.


At an individual level, the choices of many couples over the next few months will make perfect economic sense. What do pandemic patients need? Looking after. What do self-isolating older people need? Looking after. What do children kept home from school need? Looking after. All this looking after—this unpaid caring labor—will fall more heavily on women, because of the existing structure of the workforce. “It’s not just about social norms of women performing care roles; it’s also about practicalities,” Wenham added. “Who is paid less? Who has the flexibility?”

According to the British government’s figures, 40 percent of employed women work part-time, compared with only 13 percent of men. In heterosexual relationships, women are more likely to be the lower earners, meaning their jobs are considered a lower priority when disruptions come along. And this particular disruption could last months, rather than weeks. Some women’s lifetime earnings will never recover. With the schools closed, many fathers will undoubtedly step up, but that won’t be universal.

Single parents face even harder decisions: While schools are closed, how do they juggle earning and caring? No one should be nostalgic for the “1950s ideal” of Dad returning to a freshly baked dinner and freshly washed children, when so many families were excluded from it, even then. And in Britain today, a quarter of families are headed by a single parent, more than 90 percent of whom are women. Closed schools make their life even harder.


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The Chads are dropping like flies
Finally it's my turn


>far stronger
Nah, "far stronger" is pushing it. That's heavily dependent on lifestyle, diet and genetics. On average their immune system is stronger due to testosterone regulated genes that affect it, in a way that higher testosterone levels imply lower antibody response. But I can take for example my own sister who's often sick while I am not.
>Their lungs and heart as well as almost every organ appear to be better than ours.
If you mean they are less susceptible to long term diseases that are avoidable, then yes. But our lungs and hearts are actually "stronger", men on average have better athletic performance.

Honestly women realize they are the weak sex and because of this constantly try to win at other things, but for me it doesn't matter because I'm healthy and relatively take care of myself, even though I'm a smoker. I would hate to be a emotionally and physically weak cunt who is not in control of her own feelings and acts impulsively all the time. It actually feels pretty great to be a man.


>I'm healthy
>I'm a smoker.
No, you're just a fucking teen. See those landwhales babbling about "fat positive" shit? You're literally them. Let's see if you'll be healthy within 30 years.


Don't project your shit genetics on me, subhuman.


Lol, do you think you're some sort of superhuman? My friend, I'm 6' tall, weight 180 lbs, with 6% of BF, but that's because I'm 28 yo, remember, we all age, and for those who smoke, well, they age worse. You might be healthy now, you're 17 yo after all, just like fat young people are often ok when it comes to blood sugar level and blood pressure, but you'll age like shit if you don't stop;


god damn smokerteen newshits


Yeah man you sure know more about me and my family than I do I am an incomparable homo
But of course according to what you saw on TV HURR SMOKING IS BAD LUNG CANCER 100% OF PEOPLE WHO SMOKE DIE


Look mom I suffix every word with -teen am I fitting in yet


No, I just like to have the statistics on my side.
>b-but I might be the exception
Yeah, just like those landwhales weighting 300lbs and saying OMG I'm so healthy *_*


Holy shit GNFOS posters are dumb.


says the literal retard saging the top thread lol


Cope with your shit genetics, pig.


Yeah the true smart posters are henri and the teens that repost sexualized drawings from booru and pixiv


This bur unironically.


It's really funny how for someone who just a few posts back talked about how women lack impulse control and are emotionally unstable he, being an addict, obviously lacks impulse control and is also quite emotionally driven himself given that he responds with butthurt at people pointing out that his addiction has negative effects on his health.


Yeah I'm butthurt because you owned me with your opinion based on things pulled out of your ass about me
This is getting embarrassing, what was it about my post that set you off? You'll have to try harder if you want those good boy points for owning a "sexist" on the internet I am an incomparable homo


I'm not even that guy you turd.


You sure act like him assuming things about me. What do you have against smokers? Did you get abused by one in your childhood?


Yeah see, the thing is, it's illegal for you to kill a woman, but it's completely legal for a virus to kill you.
And you can't kill any woman anyway, what about ones with bodyguards?


How many women have bodyguards, white knight?


NTA but most of them don't even need them. See, unless you live in India or Africa or Russia the police will protect them.
>b-but I'll strike first
Pretty sure you'll suffer a lot more than her.


I dunno but it's certainly a non 0 number. Prime ministers, presidents, mayors… more women high up on the political pole.


That's not the point dude


Your anus is literally prolapsing bro. Better go smoke a cig to cool the nerves LOL!


Yeah I'm going to enjoy my smoke, you don't need to be worried about me though.


>Yeah I'm going to enjoy my smoke,
I'm sure you'll enjoy your nicotine fix more than cold sweats, extreme anxiety, and intense craving that you'd get if you skipped it


Remember when people cared about the thousands dying every day?


subhuman seethes

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