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I wish i had schizophrenia so I could hallucinate everything in my life as happy life instead with anime waifus and a reason to exist


Please stick it in me


the MAGA girl


anime girls


No person who was born blind has ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia


Being in the presence of someone with psychotic symptoms can bring on the same feelings in the other. It's called transference, a psychoanalytic term which defines the transfer of another's distorted frame of mind onto the person with whom he is interacting.

It is subtle. That person might start to feel like the schizophrenic person feels without realizing it. If psychotic you can start feeling spacey and disoriented. If you don't know what is happening you will think it's coming from yourself.


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How do you think you know that person you were…

…a second ago is the same person you are now?

A continuous stream of memories.

Given only that, we all create illusions within ourselves…

…saying that we each have only one fixed persona.

Doctor, I'm scared…

…that my other self will do something that I don't know about…

It's all right. There is no way illusions can come to life.


Mima, what's wrong?

I'm sorry!

Oh, man! This rain sucks!

I think I'm going to catch a cold!

I'm sorry!

Wrap it up! Wrap it up!!

It's pouring really badly outside, but your heart is always, like, sunny!

Well, I think we're ready today!

Welcome to Rei…

…and Yukiko's…

…"ldol Chamland"!

Mr. Tadokoro?

I'm sure they're on the air now.

I thought you'd like to see them coz it's been a while.

We have a show this Sunday. It's at lbaragi Sim City at pm.

- How have you been? - People from all over, come see us!

-Just thought I'd drop by. - We'll be waiting for you!

Chamland will be back next week at the same time. Until then…

Two, three…

Bye bye!

Good show, guys.

Hey, it's Mima.





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