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Early in the 21st Century, THE NEET CORPORATION advanced Weeb evolution into the Offshoot phase - a system of boards virtually identical to a /jp/ posters - known as a HIMA's. The Offshooters 6 HIMA's were superior in thread strength and posting agility, and at least equal in Weeaboodom, to the genetic engineers who created them who were disappoint. HIMA's were used Off-baoard as slave labor, in the hazardous lewd post exploration and colonization of other normie websites. After a bloody mutiny by a Offshoot 6 combat team in an Off-Shoot colony, HIMA's were declared illegal on OTA - under penalty of PERMA-bN.

Special autist squads - Trip-Fag UNITS - had orders to shoot to kill, upon detection, any trespassing HIMA's. This was not called execution. It was called memeing.


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Are you a Neet, D?


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Is Hima short for Himawari?


He's a career man.


D-san is my friend


A few years ago.


But in the stone age…


the naming of the ages is actually one of diminuition. First came the GOlden Age, followed by the Silver age. Immortals lived alongside humans. The humans lived as children for a hundred years until they suddenly aged and died. At the end of the Silver Age the Immortals left Earth, with Virgo being the last to leave. The Bronze age followed, and the final age was the Iron Age. THis is different than the age types you often see people talk about because Iron is actually the worst one



There are 6 ages of the world. We are in the last stage of the world, the 6th.

It is possible the nephilms terminology a d events considered with certain ages of man established as absolute truth beyond all subjecivisim or so called "religions".

No need to panic.
Know your time was chosen.
You are here at this moment and here with an oriented birth.
Not when we live but how we die is important. Ths age has certainly lasted long too. Other ages have lasted long as well.
Take courage.


the world is ending in 2000! for real this time!


That is dangerous.
Almost as dangerous I would say as playing anime girls.


sigh I bet even Jesus would reject me.


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I've heard someone say that thinking Jesus won't forgive you is rude because you are doubting his ability to forgive.


baste sean


the thumbnail looks like he's slurping noodles with his nose


If you're alive right now than you're wanted.
You're right.
I'll have to edit it.

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