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don't make altright memes out of love live girls. they're leftists and hate it


Umi is conservative


Thats mean don't call the LL girls retarded


Just because they are lesbian ls does not mean they are not conservative.

Maki is rich and probably endorses capitalism.
Rin likes cute, girly things even though she looks like a boy.
Hanayo is introverted just like conservative girls.
Honk is autistic, just like everyone on /pol/
Don't need to talk about Umi.
Kotori is very feminine and Umi and her would not get along if their political views didn't match.
Nico likes purity, like a Conservative girl
Nozomi has a very long hair (left dykes cut them) and works as a shrine maide. She didn't have a breast reduction just like big boobed feminist girls.
Eli is a child of Russia and knows communism is bad.

Source: the roots of the conservative minds in Love Live!, by Sir Roger Scruton


Maki sees how hard Nico's mom has to work for their family to live in a cramped apartment and becomes jaded and turns her parents hospital into a co-op.
Rin likes cute, traditionally girly things but also doesn't mind abandoning gender roles, so she feels welcome in leftist circles.
Hanayo is bookish and reads lots of leftist theory, ending up as an armchair leftist who does no direct action but still supports the ideology.
Honoka sees how difficult her dad's job is when other confectioneers don't pay living wages, and don't use fair trade ingredients allowing them to undercut his prices. She sees how well he treats his workers though, and realizes that wouldn't be possible if he only pursued short term profits and gains instead of creating an ethical business.
Umi sees the impact of generational wealth firsthand when she visited Nico's apartment and contrasted it with the traditional Sonoda estate. She decides to open the gardens to the public and runs a homeless outreach program with all the spare rooms in her house.


Kotori enjoys the clothing design and the fashion industry but got radicalized after seeing a documentary about the abuses of seamstresses in the global south.
Nico just supports her class interests. Also she doesn't like how "real" idol groups are commodified in the real world which is why she likes school idol groups just like Hanayo.
Nozomi doesn't like how the corporation her parents work for constantly made them move in spite of the damage it would cause to her relationship with school friends.
Eri is a minority(in Japan since she's half russian) and likes how leftist groups are supportive of her, unlike center-left and conservatives who only serve base platitudes to her and her sister.

School idols are also inherently rejection of capitalism since all the girls come together and compete and perform just because they love the hobby and not to try and profit off it.

Please subscribe to my podcast about gay girls doing gay leftist things.


politicsnorms go



I actually really liked these posts.
Can you guys do it with Aqours?


teen post


Conservative families to more charity than liberal ones AFAIK, I think Umi and Maki might still be right wing even if they dedicate their lives to the others.


die teen


I would like to se a Henri version of these



Henri is a annoying homo


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Yohane supports freedom of speech on the internet since she is a streamer and the freedom of sites to stream high quality video.
Zuramaru loves all food and hates vegetarians and their restaurants that pop up more.
Riko loves walls.
Wooby does what Daiya says.
Chika loves oranges and hates that the stores carry less tasty oranges from another country thanks to teenbroian trade deals.
You is concerned about Chinese territorial claims and supports a strong navy and freedom of the seas.
Daiya's grandfather was directly involved in the February 26 incident in 1938. Today Daiya and her family donate generously to the Happiness Realization Party.
Kanan is a diver and wants action taken against dumping in the oceans by China.
Mawri comes from a Mafia family that formerly controlled labor unions in Long Island. After the democrat's crackdown on the mob they fled and invested their money into building foreign hotels.


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this thread is alright


>Riko loves walls.


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My HONK level is RISING!

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