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File: 1553277176094.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, [Anon] High Score Girl - 0….png)

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i'm totally addicted to this show..
started today and already on episode 9…
i have work to do damn it…


does she get the high score?


This show makes me want to play Street Fighter.


same here, it makes me want to go to the barcade too
maybe i'll go this sunday


arcade culture in japan in the 90s must have been incredible

anyone know a list somewhere of all the games featured in the show. i've looked but cant find one


just rewatch the show
a lot of older date sims featured game centers as dating locations so i wonder if it was common for japanese guys to go on dates there


forgot to mention that satomi arai (naoko-san) was an awesome choice for haruo's mom


here's the big question boys
oono or hidaka


File: 1553301469255.png (Spoiler Image, 163.6 KB, 798x598, hsg.png)


keep it in the fucking anime thread you irritating attention whore


at least i'm not rude




Fuck off cel


File: 1553305014461.png (80.22 KB, 992x682, mangakalot.png)

the hidaka hate is strong


The one episode where he and Oono go off on a journey to that distant arcade with the mythically low prices was my favorite episode.


File: 1553344253878.jpg (Spoiler Image, 199.95 KB, 900x1280, 16.jpg)

hidaka is a dirty girl (chapter 45, season 2 spoilers)

i like episode three because it made me realize that i've become emotionally attached to these characters in just a mere three episodes. then in episode four they introduce an equally cute and interesting heroine, rensuke-sensei seriously is one skilled mangaka


So you only started watching it when the OVAs came out and some fucking LOSER on /a/ started talking about it again?



actually i heard a lot about it as it was airing and my friend was telling me about it one night on the way back from lunch. it wasn't until the season 2 trailer came out that i decided to watch it because if it warranted a season 2, it must be decent right? turns out i loved it

why do you know about what's going on at /a/ dirty crossboarder, GTFO!!!


>having friends
>talking about anime with friends
>talking about anime with irl friends
kill yourself


i feel sorry for you


i don't have any anime friends, maybe I should have joined the anime club in high school after all…



What's up with this retarded schizo going on random threads to blog? Fuck off back to twitter, retard.


I hate nerdnorms


while it's true i met my bestbro back in high school, we didn't become friends through an anime club. it was the result of another buddy of mine and i going to his house every day to play video games and it turned out he loved anime too
the anime club we had back at school we both agreed was full of weirdos, too


get a fucking blog retard


Kys teen


File: 1553351932322.png (1.49 MB, 1280x720, [Anon] High Score Girl - 0….png)

sigh hidaka is cute but she was cuter with short hair


I legitimately haven't loaded /a/ in years and nothing in my post implied that I did AT ALL!

You complete DUMBASS! You have no right to watch this show.


File: 1553354386901.png (3.32 MB, 1920x1080, [Anon] High Score Girl - 1….png)

jk hidaka is nice… but still..
i can't wait to see the shibuya scene and oono vs hidaka animated in season 2 now that i'm caught up

>So you only started watching it when . . . some fucking LOSER on /a/ started talking about it again?
you implied it here fool, GTH (GO TO HELL)!!!


Why does the art look like something done overnight using a 3rd rate animating program?


it honestly grows on you in the same way that kemono friends did. after watching the whole series in one day i can confidently say that i wouldn't have preferred the show done in any other way, for the fact that they use cgi to their advantage in compositing some scenes and animations

it's j.c. staff too, so they definitely had the resources to do it differently, but i like the choice they made with high score girl. i consider this a period of growing pains for cgi anime but i'm seeing steady improvement as the seasons go by


You fucking dumbass. Low IQ. You can't even think. YOUR BRAIN IS LITERALLY EMPTY.

Let me break it down for you.

Your COMPLETELY NORM AND UNDERAGE TEEN SELF did not watch this show when it aired. But now you are suddenly, when the OVAs have come out and season 2 has been announced. Why? Because it was in the news. Where did you get that news? Maybe from a board that talks about the most recent anime, and that can be safely assumed would be talking about it with near 100% certainty.

Sadly, I was wrong. You didn't get it there. As you already explained, you got it from your HOMOSEXUAL AS FUCK high school friend who discussed it loudly disturbing everyone else in the vicinity as you were on your way home from your STUPID HIPSTER TEENAGE BAR where you had your "low key" lunch of poke and acai granola bowls which you washed down with ultra venti double scoop chai lattes.

Let me repeat: you have no right to watch this show.


>it honestly grows on you in the same way that kemono friends did
standards are that low these days…


File: 1553355862745.png (1.22 MB, 852x959, mahoro.png)

let me tell you something, i have to repeat this a lot on ota but it's important that you guys know. back when anime was transitioning from cels to digital animation, anime looked very, very bad. take for example the difference of mahoromatic seasons 1 and 2, whose second season only came out less than a year from the end of the first.

visually speaking, mahoromatic season suffers from a problems that a lot of digital anime from the early 2000s did of overly saturated colors and aged animation styles that make more sense when done with cels, producing what looks like a cheap product. granted, mahoromatic was on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to quality. although these bright, vibrant colors worked when it came to cels, when applied digitally the result is this distinct look from the early 2000s.

that period i'm not personally a fan of. the last few eras of which i consider "golden ages" of anime span the late 90s and late 2000s, where japanese animators were finally figuring out how to use their tools to their limits. i predict we will see a similar growth in cgi animation towards the end of the 2020s.


Its already happening. Bang Dream and the one from last season with the walkman's did a really good job for cg only shows


are you referring to ssss.gridman? yes that had some very impressive cgi
as the winter season is wrapping up i'm also excited to binge kemo2 and kemurikusa


no i was thinking of akanesasu shoujo


i hope you are joking because that show is trash and doesn't even feature full cgi


File: 1553369169449.png (1.31 MB, 1280x720, [Erai-raws] High Score Gir….png)



it was really good dumb insel


can anyone who reads the manga tell me if oono can actually speak?

girls should not be objects so i feel hidaka fans art in the right and oono fans are very superficial and wrong


mad foid


What do you think about mutes?


No problem if they express themselves and you love them for that but the whole series this guy just goes around guessing what oono thinks because she doesn't use sign language


it shows that higuchi really understands her despite not even having to use her voice. not once has his “guess” been wrong since he always knew her intent


what does hidaka see in him anyway
he's a fucking manchild obsessed with gaymes
there'd be gaymers lining up to be with her


That's not how I remember it he seemed to always get the wrong idea and this caused conflict between them


there are, actually
in the manga she gets a whole fanclub of whiteknight worshippers
hidaka asks herself the same question several times, too. honestly it's probably because he introduced her to a world of fun where there was once nothing there for her


Is Evangelion out on Netflix yet? I can't wait for a whole new generation of weebs to latch onto it like it's the greatest anime of all time just by discovering it.


gonna be epic yo


I'm so jealous of zoomers, they can talk about nerdy shit like anime and videogames with their classmates but it was something frowned upon when I was a kid


Get dabbed on grandpa, the world is ours now


hate it when people like the things i like without going through the same experiences i did


ya flip everyone wo isnt me


Wish I was 24 again


im 24


beat m. bison in sf2 turbo with ryu… i finally did it…


Nah I wouldn't want every norm in the class talking about my interests I enjoyed my time in highschool knowing I was obscure and the only one aware of imageboards


oog me unique me jo to drawings


went to the arcade and had fun playing rizumu games like pop'n music, groove coaster, music gungun (i really like this one), and crossxbeat

it seems like the arcade near me has recently adopted emulation arcades, which isn't so bad since they're only 25 cents a play but… it's a different feeling


wish my arcade had more of those rhythm games, all they have is ddr which is pretty fun but still


come to jersey and play music gangan with me


thats halfway across the country…



found out bestbro was a hidakafag all along on the way to the arcade… new bestbro applications are open…

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