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Don't you just hate it when you walk into your room and your little sister's hanging out in there without your permission?


I'm gonna lift her skirt up, slap her ass, pull her panties down and slip it in.


what the fuck


Ugh that's all boids think about


Why don't you massage her legs instead? Your lolimo obviously just came back from school and is probably tired and might have sore legs. Maybe you can help her with her homowork too.


yeah, I'm gonna massage her thighs until she's all relaxed… getting close to her cunny…


that’s your little sister your sickos


wish I had a sexy lil sis


File: 1553244853000.jpg (1.63 MB, 1800x1000, 581b8a814d80f60d2376bb71e2….jpg)

if any little sister does that it's 100% guaranteed she's into you HARD.
Not necessarily sexually. Depending on her age.

My friend used to have his 10/11yo niece always wanting to sleep with him in the spoon position, and hanging around him 24/7. eventually he couldn't stop himself and touched her ass all over when they were sleeping. She told her mother "anon was touching me all over at night" but her mother couldn't believe it so nothing came out of it, but they stopped hanging out.
I wouldn't be able to stop myself either. I mean he was a very lonely man, he meant no harm. Can't blame him, she was just a child but she was provoking him hard. He thought she wanted to fug.

Girls, men have a thing you don't and it's called sexual urge. It's there with you 24/7, and we have to be at control of it at all times or shit like this happens. Feminists should start injecting testosterone to see how fucking hard having high lust is. It's like being hungry. Imagine you haven't ate in months or years, but you can't die from that hunger, just feel it all the time. That's more or less what lonely men feel like.
Women wouldn't be able to control it for shit. We are raised on that shit from the very early young age, and since we are past puberty every girl makes our dick hard as fuck, you should all feel grateful you aren't raped constantly. It's a literal need. Young girls don't have this problem. I'd take having periods over this shit any day. If I didn't masturbate everyday I'd be forced to rape, as many men would be. I do so you don't have to suffer, women.


File: 1553244915252.jpg (95.86 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0003.jpg)

You should be grateful to every men that didn't rape you. It's really fucking hard not to, but we're willing to sacrifice our own needs for the being of other people. Something women don't understand and it's a reason why women are such whores even if they have a little bit of T in their blood (you can spoot high-T women by visible hair on forearms, or bigger clits. Also digit ratio helps a lot here! (google it)) they are world-class sluts (a LOT of sex partners) and possibly prostitutes.
No woman on Earth knows how hard it is to be a man these days. It's fucking hell.
I don't know what being a girl is like either, but I doubt it's hard, considering the suicide rates, male discrimination no one gives a crap about, deficit of women in reproductive age and all this shit, you know?

feminist becomes a man and completely changes her idea about what being a man is like.

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