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Ah yes, the political. He can not resist mentioning what he thinks about "current affairs" or "the economy" or "the public" or some fanciful phrase along those lines. Without fail he will try to turn every conversation and subject towards a political one. He will blame it on someone or something which embodies the antithesis of his belief whether real or perceived. His "ideology" is essentially his "identity". He has built his sense of self around what system he believes in, what books he reads, what he thinks, how he acts, how he dresses. Everything is a political issue for him. Attack his beliefs and you are attacking him. Because he is what he believes. The political is addicted to news like it's crack, it doesn't matter the source as long as he can continue to feed on it. He sucks it down but fails to think about it. He has already made up his mind before he reads the first letter of the headline. And what is the result? Nothing more than a mental image of the world; there is nothing real in it.


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In his manifesto this guy said he used to be a communist, now he says he wants to kill communists, but also current China is the political structure he most agrees with.

I'm well aware that the only communist societies that ever existed were hunter gatherer tribes of the past, because if there is money or formal government it's automatically not communism.

i.e. Soviet Union was never communist, neither was Vietnam, China, etc.

What they are or were was "communist states", which is basically authoritarian capitalism with communist values including wealth redistribution and government control of most industry.

China could still be considered a communist state today.

When he said he wants to kill communists I doubt he meant ancient hunter gatherer tribes (true communism), so what else could be mean other than soviet style communist states still in existence like China, Cuba, DPRK, Vietnam, etc?

Guy is basically fucking retarded saying he was a communist, but now wants to kill communists, but also China is his favorite political structure.

I agree with him that we shouldn't allow non-whites into white countries though.


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muses likes anarcho-syndicalism so they're better


he probably had marxists and cultural marxists in mind


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communism is unrealistic and unsustainable

Not a single communistic state, despite countless tries, has been established. For a good fucking reason. Soviet union was a complete disaster. Meanwhile America, currently the most powerful country in the world, was originally a literal libertarian paradise.

Libetrarianism is the only way boyim.


>communism is unrealistic and unsustainable
Every ancient hunter gatherer tribe was communist. You know those uncontacted people on North Sentinel island? They're communist.

>Not a single communistic state

A communist state is much different from communism.,

The USSR, China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba, all were or still are communist states.

North Korea in particular is the only remaining one that heavily resembles a Soviet-style communist state. This is why America hates them so much, and puts out so much propaganda to brainwash people against North Korea.

America and the west places embargoes on North Korea to try and make them fail, even in the 90s when they had a famine because of weather disasters and the end of the USSR, America tried to stop food aid to North Korea.

Even in the 1990s, America wanted to kill almost all of them including children, just so they could conquer North Korea, install their own leaders and globalized capitalist system, and say to the world that North Korea's system doesn't work.


Despite the western world placing embargoes on their country, North Korea is extremely more advanced, civilized, and safe than any country in Africa, South and Central America, and countries like India.

Yet you never hear any propaganda against some random shithole country? Why do you think?

When America has places like Skid Row, Los Angeles, it's not their fault. When ANYTHING bad happens in North Korea, it's the fault of their system.

The level of self-sufficiency they have, and how advanced and low-crime they are while being embargoed by the western world, is proof that their system works, just in a different way and it's relatively oppressive to individual freedom.

By the way North Korea has the largest stadium in the entire world.


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>The USSR, China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba, all were or still are communist states.
Coincidentally they are one of the worst states to live in! Poor, bad for an average person, with no almost no freeodms. Criticizing the regime will get you jailed, possibly killed. Many journalists have died or "disappeared" that weren't pro-regime in China and Russia. Censorship is everywhere, on the internet especially.
If you want to know what life looks like in North Korea look on youtube for.
No wonder US (decent country helping people all around the world) would want to destroy North Korea. They're one of the most oppressive regimes in the entire world. They execute people for disagreeing with the political party, they have fucking work camps. They jail tourists for over 20 years and beat them up to death for taking down a fucking banner I am an incomparable homo. NORTH KOREA IS GREAT BRO!

Meanwhile America is the only country on Earth with actual freedom of speech and right to bear arms and defend yourself. You can literally walk on street of America with nazi or soviet flags and hail your party all you want.
Police can do literally nothing about it. In most states (the ones which respect your rigts) you can do that AND walk around with a gun. And if you have enough money, you can do that, except riding with a tank. Loaded. That's america. leftists constantly try to make USA like Europe nowadays, when america was created EXACTLY not to be like Europe in the first place.


File: 1552910742998.jpg (132.86 KB, 827x1117, 55cd9aff6c2510d24e404a180a….jpg)

They had enough of fucking monarchy and all shit like this. IT was time for The People. The constitution and it amendments in US assured it stays that way. Presidents in the US used not to even have guards because it reminded them of european royal guard. They were this disgusted with europeans. Of course it ended up in some assassinations, but US was willing to sacrifice some people for the ideals it stood for, the ideals that made it the most powerful (and likable) people on Earth. Sadly, due to certain influences, it's changing and it's sad.

US is the only country on Earth I can say "Fuck the kikes", or "All friends deserve death" or "Our president is a fucking faggot", "Putin and Obama are homosexuals" with no repercussions from the law, or really any opinion on any topic you wish!
It's also the only country on Earth where owning a device to protect your own life (firearm) is a a god-given right.
US has a lot of problems. But damn its constitution is just beautiful.
You communists disgust me. You want literally your entire life to be dictated by a central, oppressive government.


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And yes it's true hunter-gatherer societies were "communistic", except not really. Even in hunter-gatherer societies private property of some sort existed. You had your own hut or spear or whatever. Communism may work for 10, maybe even 50 people who all know each other, where money is not necessary. You think communism can work for over 7 billion people, some of which are so different that you might as well compare them to a monkey? Fuck no. Attempts have been made and they never work. Practice vs. theory, my otachi. And some theoretically good designs never really work in practice. Even in engineering. Example : Wankel engine. On paper, amazing engine. In practice, it has a lot of problems and never stood the trial of time. Just like communism, which sound oh so poetic and oh so noble.

You need to get out into the real world somehow, man.


You're making a lot of assumptions. I love the free speech aspect of America very much. I am very happy that it is not illegal to be racist like it is in Europe.

What I do not like about America is extreme capitalism, extreme wealth inequality, and allowing third-world immigration.

There is no help in America, if you're born into a poor family you can't afford to go to college, you probably can't get any kind of decent job, and you're destined to either be homeless or live in poverty paycheck-to-paycheck, even if you have a 140 IQ.

There is literal geniuses in the top 1% of intelligence that are homeless in America right now.

>You think communism can work for over 7 billion people

I do not think you can turn a capitalist society into a communist one, you can't go back. I never said I wanted to try to transfer the world to communism, because the idea of getting rid of all money on Earth and all formal governments, is impossible. If there was a stronger word than "impossible" I would use it.

I do support strong socialist wealth redistribution policies though for advanced countries, along with anti-immigration policies.

I want to get rid of almost the entire current welfare system, cut hundreds of billions dollars from the military budget, and instead replace this with universal basic income.

If any rich people try to leave and take all their money, or hide their money, then we take it and then we ban them from ever entering the country or doing business in our country again.


File: 1552916211261.png (1.02 MB, 800x1131, 531a6583a8de863c0b2d9eb8f4….png)

I agree. Do something about it, since I am not even American.
Again, as I said, america has its problems. They need to solved. Like university bullshit for example.

Wealth redistribution never worked. Tax the rich too much and the rich escape to another country. The laws don't really apply to the rich.
We're not ready for universal basic income yet. We need way more automation for that to happen.

If you, or I, were rich, we wouldn't want to just give it all out anyway.
If you want rich to share, you need to give them a reason to.
"If you donate us the money we'll make new roads and make the city better, we'll make the air better in the city, your children will live in a better world" etc. and shit of this sort. You will NEVER achieve anything meaningful with force in this matter except civil unrest and war. Example: South Africa right now.

Imagine you have 1 billion right now and your (corrupt)country wants 700 million off it for themselves (70%). I'd run like hell. On the other hand, if they never forced me, but gave ways of. This is part of the reason why past tax heavens are so fucking rich right now, Like Switzerland or micro-nations such as Monaco or Liechtenstein. They took a small percent from the rich, but the rich spent the money in the country, and all that money got back to the people. Stop demanding gibs. Do things to get that money, you lazy motherfucker. I agree that we have problem with wage inequalities but just rising taxes is a very, very bad way to do it.


File: 1552916685821.jpg (1.41 MB, 1120x1507, 1549910742508650523.jpg)

>There is no help in America, if you're born into a poor family you can't afford to go to college, you probably can't get any kind of decent job, and you're destined to either be homeless or live in poverty paycheck-to-paycheck, even if you have a 140 IQ.
bullshit, stop playing the victim of the system. You'd have it a bit harderm, and richer people would have it easier, but buddy please.
Do you have any idea how much money you can make just being a fucking plumber/construction worker in america? Go check the wages bro.
You'd be able to buy a house in mere years of mild saving.

>There is literal geniuses in the top 1% of intelligence that are homeless in America right now.

in terms of IQ, probably true. IQ has little to do with success, conscientiousness is the biggest predictor.
What does your IQ matter if you never do anything with it?
Also [citation needed]. A bit poor? Maybe. But I haven't heard of super geniuses being homeless.

Also problem with communism is NO ONE CARES ABOUT SOME buddy IN AFRICA OR MEXICO. World-wide communism would assume you do. That's why there's money, something people DO care about. That's why it works in small communities.






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