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I was watching a recording of NHK WORLD's Begin Japanology series, specifically the one where they cover the different Japanese writing systems. One guest that they featured on the show was one Saeko Ozaki, an apparent expert on The Tale of Genji. Apparently kanamoji was a significant theme within the story, but what struck me as particularly interesting is that Ozaki-san mentioned that without women, this great work of writing (written entirely in kanamoji) or the artistic style it was written would never have developed, but would have remained insignificant if not for men that embraced it.

This way of thinking I believe is truly enlightened and insightful. Myself being male and being told this through a women's perspective only further leads me to believe the truth behind this ideology; that both sexes require the other. Without the other, life cannot be created, our natural purpose to continue life cannot be fulfilled, no matter if you are man or woman.

Is it coincidence that women are in many cases what sparks the pursuit of self-improvement in many men? I think not. I believe that women are, and always have been, the catalysts of which led our civilization to where it is today, whether it be indirectly or directly. All the while these men make up for what women cannot do (speaking in primal terms) physically and/or psychologically (strength of will). Both sexes have roles to fulfill, and without the other the role serves no purpose to themselves. By rejecting the other, you in tandem reject your sense of purpose and self.




I dont like this type of rhetoric. women and men can take either role, we shouldn't let ourselves be bogged down in the traditions of antiquity.



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foids and boids they can't live together only one will prevail


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The nihon female is the epitome of female. Many manga for men containing all or mostly female characters are made better having been penned by females. (who knows girls better than girls?) Genji was unironically the first harem LN series.
Rejection of tradition will be/currently is the west's downfall.


not you too henri…


the point of hating women is to destroy the illusion imposed by society where you're suppose to die for some random single mother and worship them. you're suppose to gain some composure after you beat the dead horse and then look in the mirror realizing women are bad, but so are men; you in particular compared to others. afterwards you're more grounded and can see through the bullshit. it's just insels are too low iq to do this

anyway, congratulations on getting some sense of duality observed in the world. now you just need to figure out the duality is false and what's men and women are illusions.



>>Rejection of tradition will be/currently is the west's downfall.
the world isn't static so any "tradition" you have simply won't exist after somebody else goes further than you and comes back to step on your corpse. there's a rush forward and if you stop then you vanish. you don't get to selectively decide what's good and bad because you don't get the bigger picture to make those judgements.


Unironically the smartest thing you've ever said henrilet
Yeah that's cool and all until you're unconscious in a burning building and its up to a 120lb woman to drag you out of there


why am i unconscious in a burning building? if an insel carries me out of it will i get immortality or is death simply delayed?


well insels are inherently selfish garbage so they wouldn't even try.


Shit happens. Biology is real, go look in the mirror nude and you won't see a vagina to squirt babies out of, just a small penis.


you didn't say anything. if you're inside a burning building unconscious you're dead. if somebody manages to save you then that's a bonus. if a woman tries to save you but fails she still tried to help. you're just talking about your entitlement to live. like the other poster said insel men won't save you so what's your theory explaining women are bad? some women are big and some are small. some men are cowards and some are brave.

biology is real. you're going to die so you're really excited for that right? oh, you mean you're greedy for life, scared of death, and feel entitled? that's contrary to biology. i guess you don't really like biology that much and it's just a shitty appeal to nature fallacy. when you accept and love dying, diseases, and the low amount of intelligence your genes gave you then biology is the ultimate authority for you. for everybody else they don't want biology to limit them


wow henri became blackpilled


>oh, you mean you're greedy for life, scared of death, and feel entitled? that's contrary to biology.
All animals fear death, y'know…


biology is a categorical term to describe and reference things related to life. it's a conceptual idea referencing something.

"biology is real" is an attempt to say biology is static and has to be obeyed because it's an authority thus correct. this is wrong for many reasons but the most simple is evolution. biology isn't static it allows life to evolve, change, and break their past limits. it's a semantic game where somebody tries to selectively decide what is allowed to change or not.

biology says insel aren't allowed to pass on their genes because women are repulsed. insel say fuck biology we need "tradition" to fight it and allow them to get a gf. then they argue that biology can't be changed or disobeyed so other people doing things they dislike are bad. it's a game low iq people while everybody else has already moved past this shit. it's basically just chr*stoids trying to do appeals to their god using other methodology.


>You were born too ugly to get sex so you must be selfish garbage
You really are one of the worst people I've ever come across on the internet


he's completely correct about most insels. they're mentally ill misanthrope who hate women, men, and anybody doing well in life. if you aren't in this category, which is unlikely, you're in a tiny minority. you shouldn't associate yourself with people who celebrate autistic mental patients killing innocents if you don't want to be labeled as such.

also, if you were selfless you wouldn't be an insel. selflessness couldn't be further than insel shit. to the point somebody who is remotely selfless wouldn't ever call themselves insels and be grouped with random misanthropes who hate women for not having sex with them.

tl;dr you're definitely selfless maybe not garbage but probably since you associate with insels.


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Seasons don't fear the reaper, nor do the wind the sun or the rain. We can be like they are.


>you shouldn't associate yourself with people who celebrate autistic mental patients killing innocents if you don't want to be labeled as such
I didn't choose to be lumped in this category, the norms put me here.
I guess I could rape a girl to get out of it but that sounds uncomfortable.


I dont think people mean virgs when they use the term insel, or at least I hope so because otherwise there has been quite a big fucking paradigm shift on here

could you please fucking stop already? there's like two persons that made like 90% of the "insel" threads and one of them seems to be half-ironic and only doing it because of attention, yet you continue with your rabid rants that don't bother the people you hate and won't make them leave at all, and the only thing you're achieving is making the posting environment more uncomfortable for everyone else

you are fucking cancer, man, reflect on your actions


really showing your selfless nature. insel is a mental illness as plenty of ugly people have sex and relations. relationships are voluntary and mutual so you can't be involuntary not in a relationship. if nobody wants to be near you then it's nobody else problem but yours. you categorize people like they're a commodity instead of a person showing you're selfish garbage. there's escorts and prostitutes the oldest profession in human history but you opt to think about rape showing once more you're the problem.
>rabid rants
>you hate
>you are fucking cancer, man, reflect on your actions
yikes. this isn't himatard zone where everything is just 80 iq retards saying gibberish and schizo babble. aren't you the type to talk about how there's free speech and no safespace? really clownish


>aren't you the type to talk about how there's free speech and no safespace? really clownish
no, not really, but by all means keep projecting your preconceived caricature strawmen on everyone else who thinks you're a disruptive badposter


Inc3l = Involuntary Celibate

Ironically most guys making fun of inc3ls are inc3l themselves.

If you don't have a girlfriend or wife, and you can't readily have sex, you're an inc3l.


how did this place become unironic discussion about insels in every other post



you could simply be talking to yourself at this point. did you think writing what you said to me would have a positive response or you wanted to vent your frustration and let me know you're unhappy? was it a hope for two birds with one stone?

your assessment of the situation is poorly done. in your head you hold the ethos of /jp/ but to me it's a clown jumping around judging from these two posts. if you want to pretend to be the ethos then you need to have some awareness and demonstrate higher intelligence. if you can't even control your bursts of emotion then i'm just going to write you off as one of the himatard or schizor9kfreaks that jumped from under a random rock.


There's more to words than just their inherent face value meaning, and the term itself doesn't really make much sense on its own anyway but that's besides the point

The term "insel" is something I most readily associate with the r9k crowd and the behavior they exhibit to which I do not really relate to, so I do not self identify with the term.


Uhh, mr. schizoid, I've got an, uhh, request for you..
Can you use proper punctuation in your rants? And uppercase letters at the start of every sentence?

It'd be nice


insel is when they want to kill random people for having sex because they can't. don't let a mongoloid try using you as a human shield to deflect infamy and pretend it's normal. it's all about trying to broaden the umbrella.
it's a paradox. if you care then you aren't worth writing formal to. if you don't then it doesn't matter. it can be said to be a show of respect but why would i respect you? if this post is what i'm suppose to respect then i'm doing you a favor replying so you should give me gratitude.


By definition you're both insels yourself.

You hate yourself.


https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hopeless romantic
this is how people view insels and it's actually 99.99% accurate too. they just lie pretending it's ironic and they're normal


https:// I am trying to give you a virus/2zkUxOb
replace the s and c


The definition of insel is a guy who can't get sex or a girlfriend/wife even though he wants it.

You're insel.


nope. trying to broaden the tent won't make people go along with you. people reject derogatory labels applied to them in most situations. the only reason why you accept it is cause it rings true. nobody is going to eagerly associate themselves with a bunch of mongoloids who want to kill women and men for having sex unless they feel similar. you aren't naive eager to label yourself a serial killer or terrorist instead maliciously trying to hide what insels are.

nobody can be involuntary celibate because prostitutes exist if you want to play word games. for the cost of food there's nasty prostitutes who will have sex with you.

i was thinking insels want to kill women for having sex but they still jerk off like 5 times daily to women having sex in porn? really ungrateful bunch.


>nobody can be involuntary celibate because prostitutes exist if you want to play word games. for the cost of food there's nasty prostitutes who will have sex with you.

That's illegal so it doesn't count.

>Nobody is going to eagerly associate themselves with a bunch of mongoloids who want to kill women

Doesn't matter if you don't want to associate yourself with hopeless romantics, if you don't have a girlfriend or wife and can't get sex, but you want it, then you're insel.


>That's illegal so it doesn't count.
no it isn't and yes it does count.
>if you don't have a girlfriend or wife and can't get sex, but you want it, then you're insel.
and babies are insels along with school children. men have wives that refuse sex are also insels too. keep coping insel. people reject simple labels and you expect them to go along with your insel shit? you only do cause you want comrades and to try and pretend it's normal.


This is so stupid. Like this idiot is arguing insel doesn't have the context around the word because it doesn't want it to. Can't wait for this freak to argue that a congressman is anyone in congress, and therefore janitors on capital hill are congressman.


>and babies are insels

You have to want the girlfriend to be insel, for it to be involuntary.

You're insel and you spend all day flaming insels, it's pathetic.


I can't believe other virgs would rather associate with norms than hopeless romantics, traitors will be the first to hang


hopeless romantics are the norms




holy fuk


Do people even watch anime anymore? Any show older than two years disappears from the internet and most fansub groups are gone. Most of the studios have catalogues of fewer than 40 shows. What the fuck happened?


I can't believe you think anyone will read all this shit


Normies watch it. My coworkers talk about attack on titan and my hero academia.


Don't understand what any of those things have to do with people watching anime


They're just watching it elsewhere.


i did not know henri was this based and redpilled


pretty mindblowing that wa moon das cry is written by a japanese female and is the best comedy slash life slice in a while


Fuck foids.


Pretty mindblowing that it's written by a female and is about a highschool girl falling in love with a loser in his 20s. Girls sure know how to exploit men to get paid


Where is D-shisho? I want to know His thoughts on this.


good thread


Based op


didnt read but fuck foids lol


didn't think this thread was so great but ill save it anyway

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