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No. 440748

i gave me girlfriend my phone to change the song playing and it opened up to ota and now she's pissed off at me, THANKS GUYS!!!
specifically these two posts: >>440663 and >>440693
so help a brother out and refrain from posting horny shite… she says she doesn't want to see stuff like that again and i don't want to stop posting on ota so please cooperate!


gonna rape your girlfriend


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This is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me, norm


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Hello anons gf who is ur favorite 2hu?


Go back there


to ota?


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I bet she's making this face and telling you to get on the floor.
You can thank me later.


she was basically calling me what we call you everyday henrimin; a pervert



We still love Henrimin even though he's a pervert, I bet she's not even mad, she just wanna tease you a bit.


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Girls just want kabedon.


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Lumia's choice in underwear is cute and funny!


not quite my tempo


Whiplash was the last movie I saw with my grandma before she died but she didn't like it because she thought that the teacher was too mean


Thats the point of the film. Also Fletcher is the unlikely bottom to Neiman, since they both have opposite personalities in the bedroom.


update girlfriend was mad a couple weeks ago and referred to ota as me looking at "anime hentai pussy"


File: 1550714857684.jpg (1.14 MB, 931x1315, c1ff72f26e559921b4074e32e2….jpg)

Tell her ota is for anime panties not pussy.


I was going to say that phoneposting is cancer, but I am phoneposting now, so Dunno


But most of us don't love him in a sexual way, she might be jealous.


posting from your phone is no different than posting from a computer or laptop; it's technically a computer in the end. the least u could do is turn off any sort of auto-correction and punctuation so that it's more organic like on the pc.


phonenorm cope


Or you could leave it on so I don't have to suffer through you writing like a retarded teenager.


Die phonenorms posting on ota with your iphone from the club


Yeah fuck iphonenorms, they need to go back to sticking their airpods up their butts or whatever it is that they do in their free time.

Posted from Google Pixel 3


File: 1550780544896.jpg (104.05 KB, 1280x720, 1550102641427.jpg)

Phones are super cool you can get anime girls on them. All the best SHAB phone cases are for iphone.


On iPhone you can't organize your files by folders like on Android, you can't customize the UI, and you're forced to use the apps that Apples chooses for you so you can't play any adult games. Fuck iPhones.


there are only two real filetypes, maybe three, of significant quantity that i use on my phone: pictures and text files (maybe video). all my pictures and videos are on my camera roll of which i can quickly access on any device should i enable icloud synchronization or another cloud alternative and all of my text files are shared between my phone and pc through microsoft onenote. i can only imagine the clutter an android would have given the ability to throw everything into a single folder.

customizing the ui….. even hardcore android fanatics usually if not always prefer the default skin anyway. the ui is designed around the phone, rarely will the be an interface that accommodates user needs better than the default setting.

also why would you play adult games on a phone? weirdo…


i forgot to mention audio files like podcasts, music, and audiobooks as well– each in their own respective apps. there is little point to having them mixed into the same folder.


File: 1550785918156.jpg (274.38 KB, 1200x804, 73156081_p1.jpg)

Iphone is worse in nearly every way but I only use it for pictures and SS/LLSIF. I have to use a separate mp3 player for music.


old man


iPhones are only useful if you already have an Apple computer or some other Apple devices.


still thinking about that guy that plays porn games on his phone… i always knew there was something wrong with android users


I'm getting an android next, I can't even sync music onto my phone from linux because it don't have itune


linux user… definitely something's amiss here…


you just want to play some android hentai games and install one of those interactive wallpapers that let you fondle a girl, don't you? perverted freak.


File: 1550889569895.jpg (2.78 MB, 2594x2500, shikisniff.jpg)

That's a thing? Where would I find that sort of app?
Asking for a friend.


No I just want to be able to buy a big sd card to put all my music on instead of having to pay an extra 200$ for an extra 30 gigabits or whatever apple charges


Is your girlfriend 2D?

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