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No. 421360

P-pls help me anon-senpai!


yeahhhhhhhhhh buddy aint nothin but a peanut


it must be scary for that person who built the gym in their garage if they ever got stuck like this there would be nobody to help them.


Several people die every year from barbel bench press.

I'm serious.


File: 1526877740959.jpg (444.5 KB, 640x645, 1522136731095.jpg)

In other news, retards die from doing retarded things every year. Just don't be a retard and drop the bar and you'll be fine. Failed reps end up on your chest, you can roll the bar off of you or tip the weights off if you're not a retard that uses collars.


Not that guy but it happened to me once it was like when Vegeta pushed it too far in the artificial gravity it was scary


if you fail a rep you can do the roll of shame. or tip it to one side and dump the weights. the only scary thing would be if i passed out reracking or tore a tendon and it landed on my neck. but failing due to fatigue is slow and theres plenty of time to think your way out
im a lot more afraid of failing during a squat and having to dump my plates on the concrete. would def fuck the concrete up, possibly crack the plates. i have some sawhorses that are a good height to use as safeties but im lazy and i hate getting them out


i would help her


Im scared when i do squats because i might fall on my butt and it would hurt but Im still only doing body weight exercises since imjust starting out


File: 1526883919850.png (1.8 MB, 1920x1080, kill women.png)

I would push down on the bar and slowly crush her throat


let me personally e-train you
im a talented athlete in my own right and ive got a ton of knowledge. more importantly i can tell you where to find no-bullshit info


whenever I lift a dumbbell i'm afraid I'll drop it on my foot


Wouldn't the bar crush your chest


Not without momentum from a drop.




why? do you have the grip strength of an infant?


squats are perfectly safe you just have to do it in a open area so if you somehow lose balance you dont fall into something bad
now i have a very nice round cute butt and i can sit comfortable, its like a portable chair


are you a girl?




https://the hybridathlete.com/bodyweight-training-plan/

im doing this thingy right now and am on the third week. sometimes i cant do all the exercises so i need to make it a bit easier like longer rests and stuff but it seems like its about my level so I like it. I don't know what to do after it finishes though…


seems like your typical interval style workout. nothing wrong with it for someone who's just starting out. tho personally its not my favorite method of physical conditioning
dude im serious i'll e-coach you 4 free after you finish your 6 weeks if you want. im super knowledgeable and i've always wanted to experiment on someone with programming but most people are too obsessed with bro culture "fitness". we can talk about what your goals are and what is available to you
i have a great sports library built up and have decent experience in long and medium distance running, swimming, calisthenics and strength training. ive written some sport science summaries that still exist on archive.is out there somewhere if you wanna check them out


Help me buy a car


pls send power of attorney


have another workout hardon
why does my body do this


File: 1526965030063.jpg (151.52 KB, 600x800, curls.jpg)

Are you a big guy



this offer is still on the table


I'll let you know if I finish the 6 week thingy but I don't know what my goals would even be thats too far in the future right now Im just doing this because I want to be healthier or whatever I guess.


cool well thats easy, you'd just set your goal of being healthier to something measurable. i could help you determine how later, just do your program for now and it'll be a habit by the time you finish. have fun


How many plates do I need to lift to get a gf


There's no gym for your wallet.


its called a job


I make $10k more a year than the average per capita salary for the area but its still nowhere near enough for a gf


File: 1527056960525.jpg (14.73 KB, 286x288, anzuuuu.jpg)

Any job you can get without a college degree, nepotism, or vocational school, won't pay you a living wage, and you will be so disrespected by females, that you will barely be above a NEET in their mind, and literally over 99% of adult women won't date a NEET.

Ok so just get a college degree or learn a skill?

Well you need a lot of money for that, or you need to get approved for a loan. Good luck.

Even if you do that, enjoy competing against hundreds or thousands of other applications for every open position. Enjoy competing against someone's relative who knows people.

You might win in the end, and then you might get a girlfriend, your own house, and reproduce, but good luck, you will need it.


File: 1527057792868.jpg (446.92 KB, 1280x720, cringe comp.jpg)



lol what bullshit
anyone willing to work can provide for themselves in the US, even in the lowest paying job. people saying otherwise are just lazy bottomfeeders


I am an incomparable homo shitcels have to turn every thread into Please excuse my poor English no gf


I make 4x more than the average person my age

Too bad you can't buy friends :(


you can buy sycophants and groupies with enough of it though. friends are overrated and most people don't have them. they have fair-weather friend who will disappear when things are tough. hell, most people don't even have family members who will stick around when things are tough.


I have been inviting the more attractive girls from my workplace out on dinner dates lately


gymnorm thread turning into normcel discussion is basically a natural progression, what did you expect


please dont whine about girls in nice exercise thread


What if we want muscles so we can beat women to death


Men naturally have more muscle mass anyway so you would not need to train.


I tried working out but it's hard I did like 3 pushups yesterday and it hurt and my head felt like it was going to explode whenever I tried to do a pushup. I have a couple of adjustable dumbbells, yesterday I lifted one at 25 lbs with my right arm at 10 reps like 3 sets. It kinda felt like I was making a difference but at the same time it didn't also that really hurt too.

I don't really know what to do, also my diet isn't very good, and neither is my sleeping patterns, so I'm afraid that anything I do won't have an effect anyway. I want to go to the park and run a bit too but I don't want people judging me because I feel like death after like 20 seconds of sprinting.
I really let myself go since high school gym I used to be able to do 15 pushups and run 7:30 minute miles… at least I didn't get fat in these years I guess.


just do light cardio, it's literally all you need to stay healthy if that's what you're worried about


File: 1527098404666.jpg (3.4 MB, 2893x4152, 1503832921818.jpg)

The problem people have with clearing the bar for entry into fitness is that you need meaningful goals. At a bare minimum you need to want something as specific as strength, speed, power, endurance, or aesthetics. If you only want health then just clean up your diet and start going on walks.




you must have been extreme skeletor with numbers like that
citation needed. low impact cardio is heavily underrated but one can hardly say thats all thats needed to be healthy
i disagree. i mean not with the measurable goals part, since i already hit on that in >>421516, but the health part. see above response


best strength training channel on youtube if any of you actually care


File: 1527115859502.gif (3.25 MB, 290x290, 1506886204464.gif)

>one can hardly say thats all thats needed to be healthy
Also citation needed. Remember that no one cares about an overzealous gym rat's perspective on what constitutes health. 5 minutes on Google or PubMed looking at health-related quality of life or pedometer studies will tell you plenty about walking. I hate even having this much of a conversation about it because you should already know this and the people it would actually matter for immediately stop caring once you start talking about details.


illness free =/= healthy. humans are made to be active, modern living is extremely abnormal in that regard. theres a lot of quality of life issues that are not addressed through walking. not taking your metabolism through its paces through exercise would be like never using your car long enough for the engine to warm up properly. if you dont use things as their designed you'll have problems eventually.
>an overzealous gym rat's perspective
seriously? thats probably the last thing i am. i guess any activity beyond bare minimum required for survival must seem like a lot for you.


There's literally nothing wrong with being too weak to fight your way out of a wet paper bag. As long as you walk at least 20 minutes every other day it means you're the apex of health and fitness. Remember that no one cares about an overzealous gym rat's perspective on what constitutes health. 5 minutes on Google or PubMed looking at health-related quality of life or pedometer studies will tell you plenty about walking. I hate even having this much of a conversation about it because you should already know this and the people it would actually matter for immediately stop caring once you start talking about details.


File: 1527121396937.jpg (116.62 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Love Live! ….jpg)

See? Now you're regurgitating broscience and this became about dick measuring instead of helping anyone. I've competed athletically on a professional level. I used to literally be paid to be good at being active. I've worked with some of the most competent coaches and doctors in the world. I'm in my 30s now, work full time and can still run a sub-7 2k or deadlift twice my bodyweight. Go take a walk, d00d.


Im gonna ganbaru at my workout plan like zura is!!!


>a basic understanding of the biological effects of exercise is bro science
>being this retarded
>professional athlete
>brags about stats a highschool boy could do
hmmm. ya im sure you were a professional athlete.


this happens every time why cant you just interact with others in a reasonable way instead of being a huge attentionwhoring egomaniac


File: 1527128791609.jpg (72.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You're right, I'm so sorry for calling you out on the things you challenged me about. I've only ever brought up my sports history once before, over a year ago. My experience with people like you makes me believe that you're foisting ambitions onto others because you're falling short of your own. Maybe sort out whatever is making you dogmatic and angry on the internet before you try to support someone else.


i watch your image filenames and track your posts. you lie about your personal life constantly, its not like this is the first time your embellishing yourself. i want this thread to help people if theyre looking to improve, nobody needs you poisoning the well with a lack of knowledge.


File: 1527129973469.png (18.48 KB, 236x225, 1502731542353.png)

You're right again, I'm a big scary boogeyman that's embellishing my resume with stats "a highschool boy could do". You took something as simple as >>421586, tried to discredit it, failed, and now have dragged it to this level trying to make it personal. It also sounds like you're admitting you run into this pattern of discussion a lot, maybe next time catch yourself and stop before that last step. You are the only common denominator in your interactions with others.


the embellishment part was obviously the claim to pro status..
the highschool boy stats just show you dont even know what athleticism is…
not gonna bite any more bait, i refuse to believe this level of stupidity exists.


File: 1527131683056.jpg (426.97 KB, 1280x720, 1514382980396.jpg)

Ironically, thinking that's unbelievable shows how little exposure you have to anything real in the athletic world. Enjoy your 20s phase where being fit is oh-so-cool and makes you feel special (and why doesn't everyone else understand how important it is?). Hope I'm wrong and you're still out there in 10 years.


File: 1527132634232.jpg (62.31 KB, 818x1024, 26249914572.jpg)

Just wanted to enter this conversation and say those are some very mediocre e-stats. Were you pro-tennis or something else that doesn't require being in shape? Just curious.


Wait should i stop doing the workout plan and just take walks instead? am i gonna hurt myself


To see if you still feel…


That's because they're not e-stats, and you seem to have missed that they are stats after a long, permanent off-season. Ignoring your shot at tennis players, sure, I wasn't a footballer or Olympian runner.

Do whatever you're most motivated to do.


ah. so a sport that doesnt require athleticism huh?


you're talking to a PRO ATHLETE with experience working with some of the most prolific doctors, coaches, and sports scientists of all time
not only does he stay in peak physical condition through his daily walks, but he can even run as quickly as freshman in track, and lift as much as anyone with a couple of months strength training can
in other words: let the expert speak.


im not sure you understand what an e-stat is




why hasn't anybody helped her yet?
is she ok???


Sorry I touched a nerve. Notice I'm not asking about your numbers. It's because I don't care. Go accomplish something, it'll help with the insecurity.


nobody asked you for your numbers….
yet, there they are.


please stop ruining ota and be quiet already
such a bore


File: 1527137300178.jpg (138.54 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Uma Musume ….jpg)

I am a competitive eater


File: 1527137390824.png (510.93 KB, 836x964, 1518838885547.png)

You accused me of being inactive and I responded with the simplest terms to explain the extent of my activity. It was obviously effective but seems to have irritated your superiority complex. Weren't you done getting baited or whatever?


gymnorms are so fucking insufferable…


whats your email serious inquiry


not joking. if you send an email ill reply.


i sent it


counter-reply fired


I have been lifting every day


File: 1541641890357.png (40.36 KB, 646x148, 1540161065324.png)

oh wow, what a coincidence. I gave up on working out shortly after this thread, but just restarted on week one last week. Maybe i'll manage to finish it this time haha, at least I kept the diet i started!


File: 1541642145699.png (53.31 KB, 600x600, 1540429977449.png)

Ganbatte! Please do your best!


The doctor forbid me to go to the gym damn it


ban these non NEETs teenmin


Being a NEET is literally the most thing thing you can do.


Diet is the harder and more important part of health anyway. If you're having trouble "working out", maybe you should find an active hobby you enjoy instead.


>>433141 here again

I decided to stop doing strength training and just work on stretching and improving my balance and flexibility instead.

I can do a 10 second handstand after starting from the wall now after working at it since the new year! I'm trying to follow the "Overcoming gravity" book mostly just for form stuff, I haven't bothered making an exercise workout yet even though that seems to be like 80% of the book. It had some really helpful stuff for strengthening my wrists since I was having lots of trouble with handstands at first


sigh injured my back from improper squats and haven’t been to the gym in almost a month


I knew squats were dangerous! Glad I stopped doing them


don’t be a wuss i may have injured my back but it’s my all time favorite exercise next to the bench press


Can’t trick me!


no i'm serious if you're trying to lose fat without being a totally fragile twig you absolutely must lift weights. just don't be an idiot like me and properly pace yourself when it comes to adding weight. don't try adding weight when your form is no longer proper and you'll be good


how do you even lift when you get home exhausted from work? sounds impossible


wake up early in the morning and get it out of the way


Is there even any point in lifting if you're 180cm


why would you not want to become stronger


When I was 15 I was one of the tallest guys around and that made me really proud because I thought I would be a big guy but ten years later I noticed I didn't grow anything since then. Big disappointment.


No, I've already mostly hit my weight goal and now I mostly just want to improve my flexibility and balance without getting muscular


"weight" becomes a bad indication of body composition when you take into account body fat percentage in comparison to lean mass
you can either be 100lbs with a nice layer of fat or you can be 100lbs with nice tight muscles, or "toned" as most people would call it.
though with your particular goals it sounds like you take it up the butte and being a squishy twig is probably your goal anyway


Fuck thin people.
Fuck weight lifters.
Fuck gym goers.
Fuck sports players.



sex is a workout too


no thats gross


i want a squishy twig /ota/bf that I can cuddle with…





How long does it take for the vagina to restore its normal appearance after childbirth?


How do women not die of childbirth


I bench in the squat rack it's foolproof

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